7 Things Sticky Brands Don’t Do

Nov 21, 2013 | Branding Strategies

Companies with sticky brands are strong. They have strong balance sheets, they’re profitable, and they build strong client relationships. Customers come back again and again, because they appreciate the services and the overall brand experience.

But growing a sticky brand is a choice. It doesn’t just happen. The companies that commit to the journey make purposeful decisions.

1. They don’t take clients for granted

Companies with sticky brands understand their #1 job is to serve their customers. If their customers don’t come back again and again they’re not sticky.

But it’s bigger than repeat customers. Sticky brands invest in their customers purposefully, and work to grow them into fans. There’s nothing more powerful than a customer who sings your praise.

2. They don’t please everyone

Sticky brands are not one stop shops, or companies that try to serve all markets and segments. They’re focused. They know where they deliver their best work and achieve the best results.

Companies with sticky brands are purposeful in their business models, and choose who they will serve. The clear focus on their customers allows them to innovate and respond faster to customer demands.

3. They don’t get complacent

Sticky brands don’t underestimate their competition, and they don’t overestimate the strength of their products. Complacency is the fastest way to lose competitive advantage and erode the stickiness of a brand.

Sticky brands are built on a great deal of pride, and time is taken to constantly analyze and study their markets. Companies with sticky brands will often see the trends emerge before their customers or competitors.

4. They don’t let short term needs derail long term strategies

Sticky brands resist the pressures of quarterly revenue results and sales quotas. They avoid promotions and discounts that may create a bounce in revenue, but hurt the residual strength of the brand.

Sticky brands are always planning for the future. They make purposeful steps to not only grow their brands today, but to grow them five years from now.

5. They don’t stop innovating

Sticky brands understand their past successes are not predictors of future success. They continually innovate, experiment and challenge the status quo.

Sticky brands behave like sharks. They know as soon as they stop innovating they die.

6. They don’t hide behind professionalism

Sticky brands have their own values and personality. They don’t worry about what is “professional.” They focus on being themselves, and letting everyone know what it’s like to work with them.

No matter where a customer engages a sticky brand they get the same experience. And that experience is unique to the brand, and can’t be experienced anywhere else.

7. They don’t give up

Sticky brands are in it for the long haul. They innovate, they push, they challenge the status quo. They don’t do it for a quick sale or short term gain. Their drive to be sticky is baked into the fabric of their business and culture.

The companies that commit to growing sticky brands know it’s a journey worth pursuing.

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