Brand Differentiation

Brand Differentiation: How to differentiate my brand

Brand Differentiation is the deliberate and strategic steps you take to make your company, product, or service more appealing and distinct from the competition. Your customers have choice — lots of choice. And if they can’t distinguish what makes your brand better than other options, you’ve put your company at a disadvantage.

When customers can’t differentiate what makes one brand better than another, they default to one of two decisions:

Buy based on price: They’ll choose the cheapest option.

Buy based on relationship: They’ll stick with what they know or who they know.

Selling based on relationships or price is fine when you’re small or when you don’t have much competition. But they quickly lose their power as an industry matures or you start competing against better brands.

How you differentiate your brand is a signal to potential customers of what they can expect from you and your organization. Customers choose differentiated brands first, because it reduces their perceived risks. They know they are getting a better product or service that fits their needs.

You can differentiate your brand in multiple ways:

Demonstrate Expertise and Leadership:

Help your customers mitigate their buying risks by giving them expert advice and guidance. This can be achieved with content marketing. You can create articles, videos, white papers, and books that help your customers solve defined problems. When you are generous with your ideas, you will differentiate your brand by demonstrating it is an expert in its field.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service:

It’s amazing how much customer service can differentiate your brand. It’s not complicated, but it does take effort, structure, and good people. By building your organization’s customer service capacity you can develop better customer relationships, increased brand loyalty, and more referrals.

Differentiate in Design and Brand Identity:

Dr Seuss said it best, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” This is my favorite branding quote. Design is one of the clearest ways you can stand out and differentiate your brand. Create a beautiful brand that is easy to navigate and distinct from the competition. This immediately signals to customers that your brand is better.

Innovate and Create Better Products and Services:

The best way to differentiate your brand is with substance. Create better products and services. Find ways to serve your customers better. This could be by improving processes to lower prices, or by creating new features and functionality. Innovation is at the heart of brand differentiation.

There are many more strategies. In the following articles we discuss multiple ways to differentiate your brand and make it stand out.

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