Great Ideas Don’t Happen At Your Desk

Jan 31, 2013 | Personal Branding

Your desk is safe. It’s where you come to work every day. It’s where you keep your things, and where you get things done. But your desk is not a place of inspiration.

Strategies, insights and ideas hit you when you’re not looking for them. It’s the eureka effect. Moments of brilliance hit you while you’re in the shower, chatting with friends, taking a walk, or simply observing the world around you.

In an instance you find clarity, and the path unfolds before your eyes.

Create your own eureka moments

Your desk is normal. It traps you in routines and structures to help you be productive. But that structure can also stagnate your ability to create and find great ideas. Your creativity needs a spark or a change of pace to unlock its genius.

Eureka moments are all around you

Connect. Meet new people. Ask questions. Be genuinely curious to learn and hear other’s stories.

Participate. Get involved. Try a new activity. Help someone out. Volunteer your time for the simple act of being generous.

Read. Reading is one of the most effective ways to draw in new ideas and inspiration. Read everything. Explore authors and topics that interest you. Try books outside of your comfort zone. The more you consume, the more ideas you will find.

Observe. Find somewhere that interests you, and park yourself for at least 45 minutes. There’s so much to see. You can watch people, nature, art, or something else. Time is the key. The longer you observe the more you will notice things for the very first time.

Eureka moments happen when you break your routine, and expose yourself to new stimuli. You don’t have to look far for them. It just takes leaving the office, and exploring.

Untether your work

My iPhone is probably the most powerful work device I own. It’s changed my entire approach to getting things done.

Less than 5 years ago I was tied to my desk. I came to my office every day, because it had the tools I needed to get things done. My iPhone has changed all that.

With LTE connectivity, I have access to high speed internet anywhere. I can take my laptop, iPhone and notebook, and be productive anywhere. More importantly, these tools let me change my routine so I can be proactive in finding inspiration.

Your desk is a crutch. Real genius happens when you live in the real world.

How do you find great ideas?

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