How I’m Launching My Next Book, Brand New Name!

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Sticky Branding Updates

A little over a year ago I signed a book deal to write my second book, Brand New Name. There’s nothing fast about the book business, but the launch is finally in sight: October 8, 2019.

To say I am excited is an understatement. Brand New Name is a graphically-designed branding book that gives you everything you need to name anything: company, product, service, or idea. It’s loaded with inspirational stories of how iconic brands got their names, and you’ll discover how names persuade people and get stuck in their minds.

The best part: it includes a 3-stage naming sprint. I am working to solve one of the most vexing and misunderstood elements of branding (how to name things) and give you the solution.

Sound interesting? Go ahead and pre-order your copy.

But Wait, There’s More!

A book launch is an opportunity to give away a ton of stuff! Why? Well, it’s marketing. As marketers, we work to spark engagement with the hope that it converts into sales.

Advanced book sales made my first book, Sticky Branding, a #1 Globe and Mail Bestseller, and we’re shooting for this goal again with some killer promos:

  • Amazon Review Team. Get a pre-released copy of Brand New Name in August for free! All you gotta do is post a review on Amazon when the book comes out in October. This is limited to 150 participants. Fill out a short form to apply to join the program.
  • Books for Talks. If you buy 300 copies of Brand New Name I will speak at your event for free. That’s a super deal! Check out the details and let me know if you want to have me speak at your next event.
  • Brand New Name Launch Event. Join me on October 15 at 5pm for the launch event! It will be hosted at Rotman, University of Toronto. I will be giving a 1 hour keynote, and the price of admission is 1 book ($24.95). We had over 300 people attend the launch of Sticky Branding, and I am expecting even more for Brand New Name. Sign up now. Tickets are limited.

What People Are Saying!

The early buzz for Brand New Name is remarkable. Here is what some famous people are saying:

“Gorgeous and inspiring, this is the quintessential manual for turning a name into something much more powerful: a true brand asset.”
Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and co-author of Talk Triggers

“This is such a badly needed book! Part inspiration, part how-to, Brand New Name shows you exactly how to create a brilliant name/brand for your business, product, service, initiative — anything that needs a name.”
Verne Harnish, founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and bestselling author of Scaling Up

Brand New Name is a fast, fun, and useful read. If you need a name for your product or company, start here.”
Jake Knapp, New York Times bestselling author of Sprint

“Jeremy Miller’s brilliant book will help you solve the biggest problem in marketing today.”
Al Ries, co-author of Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

“Jeremy has written a masterpiece. Combining story with visuals, he brings the process of naming your product or business to life. Everyone is creative and this book provides a roadmap to designing the perfect name.”
Donna Miller, Jeremy’s Mom

If my mom thinks it’s good, you know it is! ? Order your copy today.


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