Learn How to Increase Revenue with CRISIS MARKETING

Nothing relieves pressure like sales.

Overcome the impact of a crisis on your business. Rapidly
generate new customers and revenue in 90 days.

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Learngistics Recovered from a 90% Loss of Revenue

Louis Trahan

Louis Trahan


Louis Trahan, founder of Learngistics said, “We had a choice: fight or close. We chose to fight.”

“Working with Sticky Branding, we generated over $100,000 in new revenue in the first ten weeks. Within seven months we were back to profitability — all with services we did not deliver before the pandemic.”

Rapidly Recover Your Business

A crisis can take many forms:

Conflict with interest groups.

A recall or work stoppage.
Loss of a major customer.
Regardless of the reason, your business has a problem. Sales are dropping, and you’ve got to turn things around, fast.

A crisis creates two critical horizons for your business:

  1. How to recover the customers and revenue taken by the crisis?
  2. What will your brand look like at the end of this crisis?

Sticky Branding delivers a proven, step-by-step process to rapidly find new customers and sources of revenue. Within 90 days you will identify high potential customers and markets, adjust your value proposition, build a plan of attack to drive sales, and discover how to increase revenue. 

By the end of the crisis, your company will be stronger than ever.


Never Waste a Good Crisis

Winston Churchill said, “Never waste a good crisis.” The companies that act first and adapt fastest will have the advantage.

When the stakes are high, you’ve to act fast. People’s job can be on the line if you don’t close the revenue gap. Crisis Marketing is a strategic marketing program to rapidly generate sales and growth.

We help you develop and implement branding and marketing strategies to navigate into 2021.

It’s Not Just a Marketing Strategy.
It’s a Slingshot Strategy.

Crisis Marketing is a proven system to rapidly identify and validate new markets and sources of revenue. In 90 day sprints, you and your team solve three questions:

Market: Who and where are the customers that will drive the next stage of growth?
Message: What is the brand messaging and story that will provoke your customers to buy?
Method: How do you connect with the right buyers at the right time with a clear call to action?
When you get the 3Ms (Market, Message and Method) aligned into a Slingshot Strategy it drives growth.

Crisis Marketing Guide

Want to try before you buy? Read our guide on Crisis Marketing and how to increase revenue and bring your business back from the brink during a crisis. This guide can also be helpful for preventing a disaster or being able to react when you know your biggest client is about to pull out.

Our crisis marketing ebook teaches you how to increase sales and recover from a crisis in your business.

We’re Here! Let’s Talk!

In a crisis, speed is everything. If you have a question. If you need help. Reach out. We will respond within hours.

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