The Sticky Branding Podcast unpacks how to grow a Sticky Brand. You will hear real, boots-on-the-ground stories from business owners and CEOs of successful mid-sized companies. You may not have heard of all the brands, but there is so much you can learn from them to apply to your business! You will learn how to grow your business into a Sticky Brand.

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Who is Jeremy Miller?

Jeremy is a globally recognized branding expert, and the founder of Sticky Branding. He is the bestselling author of two books — Sticky Branding and Brand New Name — and advises companies from around the world on how to grow their businesses into Sticky Brands.

Here are a few of Jeremy’s recognitions:

  • #1 Globe and Mail Bestseller (Sticky Branding beat Oprah)
  • Top 30 Brand Guru
  • Top 15 Canadian Marketing Influencer
  • Top 20 LinkedIn Marketing Influencer


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In a series of short videos, discover Sticky Branding’s approach to branding and strategy. We’ll show you how to grow your business into a Sticky Brand, where customers are beating a path to your door.

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