Crisis marketing

The companies that act first and adapt fastest during the coronavirus crisis have the advantage. Sticky Branding helps you identify high potential customers and markets, adjust your value proposition, and build a plan of attack to drive sales.

"Working with Sticky Branding, the results have been very positive.
We have a 25% lift in sales!"
Jenn Scates, Vice President of Central Smith

How to Market in a Crisis

Be Truly Helpful!

As the coronavirus ravages the economy, your company needs fast, aggressive marketing strategies to find new customers, revenue and cash. But you need to be sensitive to the times.

Your company won’t survive the coronavirus if it’s perceived as opportunistic and icky. The way to grow a strong brand during the coronavirus is by being truly helpful: delivering what your customers need now, not what they needed B.C. (before coronavirus).

Your customers need you and your company more than ever!


Strategy B.C. and A.C.

Before coronavirus / After Coronavirus

After coronavirus, there are two critical questions for your business:

  1. How do you recover the customers and revenue taken by Covid-19?
  2. What will your brand look like at the end of this crisis?

Sticky Branding delivers a proven, step-by-step process to rapidly find new customers and sources of revenue.

In 30 days you will start to identify high potential customers and markets, adjust your value proposition, and build a plan of attack to drive sales.


Choose a Plan of Attack

In a Crisis, Strategy Is Everything

Combat: Sales Accelerator

Overcome the coronavirus’s impact on your business. Within 100 days, you will build and implement a strategy to generate new customers and revenue.

  • Adjust your business strategy to replace customers, markets and revenue taken by Covid-19
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions for you and your team to triage, brainstorm, and put ideas into action
  • Sales Accelerator sprints to identify, validate, and launch new markets
  • Crisis Marketing strategies to keep customers active and grow your brand
  • Structured weekly challenges to increase sales and marketing

Get Started

Conquer: Brand Builder

Define what your business and brand will be at the end of this crisis. You have the opportunity to redefine your brand and your industry, while rocketing your sales and revenue.

  • Develop a branding and growth strategy to come out of the pandemic even stronger
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions to build and implement a branding and growth strategy
  • Identify the markets and customers that will drive the next stage of growth
  • Develop the brand messaging and story that get customers to buy
  • Implement marketing strategies to connect with the right buyers at the right time with a clear call to action

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What do you want your business to look like at the end of the crisis?

In a crisis, speed is everything. If you have a question. If you need help. Reach out. We will respond within hours. You can call us at 416.479.4403, or fill out the form and we will contact you.

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