Sticky Branding advises clients on their branding and marketing strategies. We will help you develop brilliant strategies to grow your brand and dramatically improve sales performance.

How We Help

Sticky Branding consulting engagements are unique to each organization. We use a collaborative approach to uncover what makes your company remarkable, and distill it into strategies, tactics, and campaigns that move the sales needle.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Clear thinking drives results. We help you define your brand strategy and position your brand to win. This includes where to play, how to win, and how to defend your brand in a competitive market.

Facilitated Strategic Planning

A proven strategic planning program. You and your team will work on your brand, gather insights quickly, and convert them into strategies, campaigns, and deliverables to grow your business.

Core Messaging

Simple Clarity™ is the foundation of a Sticky Brand. It’s the ability to describe your brand and what makes it remarkable in 10 words or less. We help you find the words that stick, and distill your brand into simple, shareable language.

Brand Storylines

Increase brand awareness by engaging your customers in dynamic marketing campaigns. We help you spark engagement by crafting Brand Storylines — a communication device to engage your market in conversation.

Brand Coaching

Partner with Jeremy Miller to grow your brand. Jeremy works alongside you and your team to grow your brand, and convert ideas into action. Coaching programs are tailored to your business and requirements.

Find Out How

“Sticky Branding started a revolution in our organization. Our team has a new approach to branding.”

Steve Brooks, Leon’s Furniture


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The number one value of growing a strong brand is sales. Sticky Branding helps you sell more faster, and you’ll see it in your data:

Increase brand awareness and generate more sales leads.

Accelerate your sales cycle and acquire customers faster.

Reduce price sensitivity and create competitive immunity for your brand.

“With Jeremy Miller’s guidance and my team’s pure brute force we doubled our sales performance in 90 days.”

Paul Emond, CEO of Versature

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