Sticky Branding helps you develop a brilliant brand strategy to grow your business and dramatically improve sales performance.

Brand Builder™ is a proven strategic branding program. You and your team will work on your brand, gather insights quickly, and convert them into strategies, campaigns, and deliverables to grow your business.

This is an action-oriented program. You will create a brand strategy to push your business to the next level.

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Brand Builder™ is tailored for your company.

Branding Expert, Jeremy Miller will lead you and your team through the Brand Builder™ program. You will work on your business and develop strategies to make your brand stand out, attract customers, and drive sales.

Brand Builder™ is delivered in 3 phases:

360° Brand Assessment
A comprehensive review of your brand, positioning, competitive landscape, and aspirations.

Brand Strategy Workshop
The Brand Strategy Workshop is an action packed day to develop branding and marketing strategies to grow your brand and business.

Feedback Loops
Implement qualitative and quantitative metrics to refine your brand strategy and manage its performance.

The Brand Strategy Workshop can be hosted at our facility in Toronto, your office, or another predetermined location. We will decide on the meeting location at the beginning of the process.


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The Brand Builder™ program has one primary objective: improve sales performance.

Creating a focused brand strategy helps you generate more sales opportunities, close deals faster, and achieve higher profits. This is what we call the 3Vs:

Increase brand awareness and generate more sales leads.

Accelerate your sales cycle and acquire customers faster.

Reduce price sensitivity and create competitive immunity for your brand.

Sticky Branding provides you the process and expertise to manage each of the 3Vs to grow your brand and improve your company’s sales performance.

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“With Jeremy Miller’s guidance and my team’s pure brute force we doubled our sales performance in 90 days.”

Paul Emond, CEO of Versature

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