Strategy Without Action Is Just Dreaming — with Jeremy Miller and Sarah Young

Marketers can have big ideas and visions for their businesses, but unless they implement those ideas are just dreams.

Jeremy Miller and Sarah Young do a deep dive on strategy execution in the Sticky Branding Podcast. Jeremy says, “Strategy without action is just dreaming.” The companies that have the most iconic brands are the best at strategy execution. But this is a process.

Jeremy and Sarah discuss the obstacles that get in the way of implementing strategies, and how to overcome them. In this episode discover a proven process for converting ideas into actions.

Jeremy Miller is a Strategy Coach, bestselling author, and the founder of Sticky Branding. He works with organizations from around the world to create branding and growth strategies that slingshot their businesses forward.

Sarah Young is a Strategy Coach and author. She guides Sticky Branding’s clients to create marketing strategies that move the sales needle.

In This Episode:

  • Homeostasis is the obstacle that derails companies from implementing their strategies and ideas. Organizations by their very design are resistant to change.
  • The pandemic wasn’t a change agent, it was an accelerant. Companies achieved so much during the crisis. Days felt like weeks, weeks felt like years.
  • Sticky Branding’s approach to strategy execution, and how to put ideas into action.
  • Applying Lean principles to strategy execution: Big Goals, Big Rocks, Scorecard, Cadence of Meetings.
Jeremy Miller

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