Energy Is a Powerful Brand Differentiator

Brand Energy is the great differentiator. Brands that have energy, stand out. Brands lacking energy are heading for the graveyard.

3 years ago

Premature Price Conversations

There’s a problem afflicting millions of salespeople every single year: Premature Price Conversations. Like the other premature affliction, it leaves…

3 years ago

The Secret Brand Everyone Knows About

It’s becoming chic to shun having a corporate website. Successful consultants, lawyers, and venture capitalists are skipping having websites.

4 years ago

Be Memorable: Own a Position in Your Customers’ Minds

The enemy of your brand is indifference. Be memorable with a compelling tagline that positions your brand in your customers'…

5 years ago

Great Brands Are the Same but Different

Great brands stand out by being the same but different. That tension makes your brand interesting yet credible. Differentiate your…

5 years ago

9 Brand Differentiators to Create a Competitive Advantage

In commoditized markets doing one thing really well is not enough to create a competitive advantage. There are 9 key…

6 years ago

Conversations Spark Brand Engagement

It's easy to ignore companies that don't engage with you, but it's hard to ignore a conversation. Conversations are the…

8 years ago

Simple Clarity: Clarity Differentiates Your Brand

Simple Clarity is the ability to describe your business and what makes it unique in ten words or less. This…

8 years ago

How To Differentiate When Your Competition Is So Good

How do you differentiate your brand when all of your competitors do an amazing job? Improving your products and services…

8 years ago