Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your customers judge your brand with their eyes. What they see sets expectations of what’s to come. Put your best foot forward. Sticky Brands are visual brands.


Make Your Website Sell As Well As Your Best Salesperson

There is no substitute for great sales talent. Hiring weak sales reps is like driving a car on bald tires. They can get you from point A to B, but you can never gain traction. The same can be said of your website. You can have an attractive, functional website, but does it sell? If not, this is your opportunity. Make your website sell as well as your best salesperson.


Spam Bots Are Ruining Google Analytics

Google Analytics Spam Bots are infesting the internet. If left unchecked they’ll ruin your data and hurt your website. Get on top of this problem now.


Should You Publish Pricing On Your Website?

Should you publish your pricing on your website? This is a contentious question, and one without a clear cut answer. Here’s the reasons why and why not to publish pricing on your website.


Seven Mistakes That Screw Up Your Brand

Nobody is perfect. But some mistakes can really screw up your brand. Are you committing any of the 7 Mistakes that really screw up a brand?


An Out of Date Website Is a Sign of an Out of Date Brand

An out of date website is obvious for all to see. But this may be more than a signal you need a new website. An out of date website may be a sign that your brand is out of date too.


The 2-Call Close, Part 2

The 2-Call Close is the holy grail of branding, and the epitome of selling. It’s the ability to package your services so well that you can win a complex sale in two calls over two weeks.

This is fast, efficient, effective selling. And it’s an ideal worth striving for in your business.

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Launching a New Website: What do you think?

In 1999 I bought from Jeremy Miller of Arizona. Fifteen years later I am launching as my Professional Speaker website. Let me know what you think.


Websites That Sell Are Different

Most company websites are attractive, functional and tell a good story. But those are table stakes. Websites that sell are different, because they are built for sales.


Your Website: The Set It And Forget It Trap

How often do you update your website? I’m not talking about adding a blog post or publishing an article. How often do you make structural changes to your website? Your website is alive, and apart of a vibrant ecosystem. If you are not updating it quarterly, your website will atrophy and die.