The Ice Cream Brand You’ve Tried but Didn’t Know — Interview with Ian Scates, President of Central Smith

If you’ve had ice cream in any Canadian restaurant, chances are it was made by Central Smith. Central Smith is one of Canada’s largest ice cream manufacturers.

Ian Scates, President of Central Smith, comes on the Sticky Branding Podcast to share his company’s story. He talks about the challenges Central Smith faced with the pandemic and the closure of restaurants across the country, and how they’ve positioned their business as the #1 co-packer of frozen desserts.

Founded in 1896, Central Smith has a remarkable story you won’t want to miss.

Ian is the President of Central Smith, one of Canada’s largest ice cream manufacturers. Ian is involved in just about every aspect of Central Smith. It’s probably easier to list what he doesn’t do! Ian’s favorite part about his role is the variety.

In This Episode:

  • Central Smith’s origin story. The company was founded in 1896 as a farmer’s co-op, and has grown into one of Canada’s largest ice cream manufacturers.
  • Growing a family business through the generation.
  • A great brand has to have a great product. Central Smith puts quality and flavor at the core of their brand promise.
  • How entrepreneurs look for opportunities. You never know where they will come from, but you always have to be on the lookout for the next growth opportunity.
  • How Central Smith navigated the pandemic, and how prior investments in people and markets paid off.
  • Ian Scates says, in a crisis you can’t micromanage your way out of it.
Jeremy Miller

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