Quarry: Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition – Keeping Your Brand Relevant

Jul 9, 2013 | Branding Strategies, Sticky Brands


“A winning strategy today may not prevail tomorrow. It might not even be relevant tomorrow.” -David Aaker

Brands have a shelf life. As they age and mature, companies have to rethink and reposition themselves for the times. What is innovative today can become common place tomorrow.

Quarry Integrated Communications has embraced the process of reinvention over its 40 year history. Quarry started as a small advertising agency in 1973, and has grown into an internationally recognized marketing agency with outstanding clients. For example, they launched the Subaru Outback in Canada and the Blackberry in North America.

But what defines the Quarry brand, and draws in blue chip accounts, is their ability to reinvent for the times.

Every brand needs a refresh

Brands typically need a tune up every 3 to 7 years depending on the industry.

Technology changes, clients change, competitors change. If you’re not prepared to rethink and reinvent your business for the times it can quickly become obsolete.

Quarry has repositioned its brand several times in its 40 year history:

  1. In the 90’s Quarry incubated a series of micro-agencies or specialty brands. The strategy was to challenge the big, slow agency model, and master emerging technologies in database marketing, email, websites, and user interface design.
  2. In the late 90’s the firm consolidated the micro-agencies under one banner, Quarry Integrated Communications. The firm recognized the pace of innovation was accelerating, and clients would be best served with an integrated approach versus point solutions.
  3. Through the 2000’s Quarry has continued to refine and focus its expertise on a well defined niche: companies with highly engineered goods and services that are experiencing a market place transition.

Each stage of reinvention builds upon the last. Quarry is continually studying their market, their clients’ needs and their own interests to adjust their brand.

They know what worked in the past is no guarantee of success for the future.

Self-awareness drives focus

Continually updating a brand every 3 to 7 years can be exhausting, especially if these transitions are unplanned or happen under duress. But repositioning for the times doesn’t have to be painful.

Brands can evolve and adapt organically. This form of innovation is driven from the inside out.

Quarry’s mantra is, “Imagine Something Better”.

This is a rallying cry that drives their team. They have a culture that is curious, seeks out new ideas, is interested in technology, and is driven to find better ways of doing things. “Imagine Something Better” is baked into the firm’s DNA.

Quarry’s pivots over the decades have been driven out of their internal desire to find new and better ways of operating. Market pressures may force them to act, but it’s their culture that enables them to innovate and change.

Take pride in your work

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Companies that stay relevant through the decades are constantly re-imagining their business for the times. They don’t get caught up in the past, they look forward.

Their ability to dig down and reinvent themselves comes from their pride in their business and pride in their work. Why compromise if you can do it better?

The same can be said of your brand. Continue to rethink, reinvent and reposition your brand so it’s always one step ahead.

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