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From Crisis to Comeback.

2021 is a year of transformation. There are Green Shoots of opportunity everywhere, but your marketing has to work.

How often have you implemented marketing tactics, but not seen the results? Websites that don’t generate sales leads. Social media campaigns that don’t engage prospects and customers. Marketing dollars that go nowhere.

If your marketing doesn’t sell, it’s not working.

Harness the comeback with a branding and growth strategy that slingshots your business. We’ll show you how!

Is your brand ready for an epic come back?

Foresight Sports Canada

Learngistics Bounced Back Using the Slingshot Strategy

How it went:



Generated $100,000 in 10 weeks.



7 months to return to profability.


New Brand

Repositioned to thrive in virtual learning.

Louis Trahan, founder of Learngistics said, “We had a choice: fight or close. We chose to fight.”

“Working with Sticky Branding, we generated over $100,000 in new revenue in the first ten weeks. Within seven months we were back to profitability — all with services we did not deliver before the pandemic.”


Your Strategy Coaches.


When you work with Sticky Branding you work with a coaching team: Jeremy Miller and Sarah Young. Our approach is simple: “in it together, working together” to achieve your objectives. We are experts in branding and growth strategies, and our measure of success is increased sales.

Jeremy and Sarah

It's Not Just a Marketing Strategy. It's a Slingshot Strategy.

The Slingshot Strategy is a proven, step-by-step branding and marketing process to drive sales in three stages:

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Sales Accelerator

Create brand messaging that provokes your customers to buy.

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Marketing Accelerator

Develop marketing strategies to generate sales ready leads.

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Brand Accelerator

Position and differentiate your brand as the leader in your category.


Put Strategy into Action.

Working in 90 day sprints, you and your team create and implement a Slingshot Strategy to drive growth.

Weekly Huddle: Strategy is a process, not an event. In weekly, one hour strategy sessions we develop your strategy and put it into action.

Slingshot Planner: A strategic planning tool to organize, prioritize, hold your team accountable to drive results.

Scorecard: Monitor your strategy and performance in real-time. Using lead and lag measures we adapt the strategy to achieve your objectives.

Strategy Coaching: Work with dedicated Strategy Coaches that know your business, and guide your team every step of the way.

Aim For Sales Results.

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Market: Who and where are the customers that will drive the next stage of growth?

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Message: What is the brand messaging and story that will provoke your customers to buy?

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Method: How do you connect with the right buyers at the right time with a clear call to action?

When you get the 3Ms (Market, Message and Method) aligned into a Slingshot Strategy it drives growth.

Foresight Sports Canada Grew By 2.5 Times in 2020!

How it went:

Group 2019


Sales grew from $5M to $12.5M in 12 months.

Group 2020

Direct to Consumer

With retailers closed, Foresight went direct.

Group 2021

Bundled Offers

Repeatable solutions to increase capacity.

Aaron Hardy, CEO of Foresight Sports Canada said, “I started working with Jeremy and the Sticky Branding team in 2018. We were $1.7 million in revenue that year. Every year we have more than doubled the business. And in 2020 we surpassed $12.5 million in revenue.”

“Sticky Branding has worked alongside me every step of the way — from building my team to advising on our marketing and strategy.”


A Few Reasons Why CEOs Love Working With Sticky Branding.

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Simple Clarity

Describe your brand in 10 words or less.

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Slingshot Strategy

Drive execution and hold your team accountable.

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Weekly Huddles

Work on your business and strategy every week!

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Sales Sprints

Accelerate sales growth in concentrated sprints.

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Feedback Loops

Prove your brand messaging works.

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Brand New Name

Create unforgettable brand names.

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Real-time brand performance metrics.

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Brand Messaging

Brand messaging that provokes clients to buy.

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Strategy Coach

A dedicated coach that knows your business.

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