6 Habits of Great Sales People

Aug 19, 2014 | Sales

Every sales rep does the basics: prospect, qualify, negotiate and close. Great reps do the same things, but they do them better.

Great sales people possess habits that separate them from everyone else.

1. Prospect when you’re crushing it

Average sales reps prospect when their sales are slowing down. Great sales reps prospect when they’re busiest.

Great sales people don’t wait for the funnel to dry up. They are always hunting for new leads, even when their sales funnel is full.

2. There is a deadline to buy

Average sales reps create a relaxed buying experience. They present the customer their options, and let them make the decision on their own time. Great sales reps create anxiety.

Great sales reps create an energy and desire to buy. They don’t manipulate or pressure the customer, but they do create a situation that encourages their customers to make decisions sooner rather than later.

3. Qualify at every stage

Average sales reps qualify if a customer is a fit for their services. Great sales reps constantly qualify.

Great sales people treat every stage in the sales cycle as a mini sale. They qualify their customers early, and then they qualify again-and-again at each stage. They don’t lose sales unexpectedly, because they are constantly qualifying.

4. Solve Problems

Average sales reps sell products, services and solutions. Great sales reps solve problems.

Great sales people are experts. They know their stuff so well you could package their expertise, and sell them as consultants. They use that deep knowledge of their products, customers and market to solve real problems in every sale.

5. Sell to people who buy

Average sales people respond to every inquiry. Great sales people sell to those who can buy.

It’s a nuanced difference, but not everyone in an organization can make a purchase decision. Great sales people don’t try to close people who cannot buy. They find the buyers, qualify their needs, and create the conditions for the organization to make a decision.

6. Hustle like this is the last customer

Average sales reps have busy seasons. Great sales reps never slow down.

Great sales people subscribe to GOYA: Get Off Your Ass. They chase every opportunity like it’s their last sale. They could be at 200% of their sales plan, but you can’t tell based on their behaviors.

Bonus Habit: Love every minute of it

Average sales people have a job. Great sales people love what they are doing.

Great sales people are born to sell. They love it. They couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It’s who they are. It’s not a job, it’s a way of life.

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