Sep 7, 2021

A Big Shift in our Content Strategy

For over a decade I have been blogging. Writing has been my primary outlet for sharing ideas and connecting with you. And if you were following closely, you could see how I was working through my ideas as I wrote both Sticky Branding and Brand New Name.

Next week marks a big shift for me and Sticky Branding. We are launching the Sticky Branding Podcast! 🥳

I’ve resisted the idea of podcasting for a long time, but 2021 is a year of transformation.

What I saw through the pandemic was story after story of entrepreneurship, resilience, and what it takes to grow a remarkable business. Again and again, I’d hear CEOs say, “My #1 priority is to protect my people and save jobs.”

Those stories inspired me and reconnected me to how I wrote my first book, Sticky Branding.

After I sold my family’s business, I wanted to write the book I wish I had when I rebranded the company. To do that, I interviewed CEOs from over 150 companies. I wanted to learn how small- and mid-sized companies challenge the giants of their industries to grow remarkable brands.

Some of these interviews were with well-recognized consumer brands like Icebreaker and Purdys Chocolates, but most were with B2B and local businesses that you’ve never heard of. Regardless, you could learn something from every story.

I combined those stories with my own to create the 12.5 principles of Sticky Branding.

I’m doing it again, but as a podcast. Over the summer I interviewed dozens of CEOs and business owners to capture real, boots-on-the-ground stories of innovation, grit, and what it takes to grow a Sticky Brand.

The first episode launches on Tuesday, September 14. (All the show links will be released next week on the launch).

If you’re an email subscriber, you will get the content just like you currently do. All of the episodes will be available as videos on YouTube, and you can listen wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

It is a mad dash on our end to get ready to release our inaugural episode: Landing pages are being finalized. Social media promotions are being scheduled. And we’re learning all the tools to produce a podcast in both audio and video formats. (It’s a steep learning curve.)

Before the podcast is released, I’d like to make an ask: help us make the Sticky Branding Podcast the podcast you want to listen to every week.

This is the start of a journey. It is my intention to listen and adapt the podcast based on your feedback and direction.

2021 is a year of transformation. The work you do today and for the rest of this year may define your brand for the decade to come. My hope, the podcast has that impact on Sticky Branding. What about you?

There’s less than 4 months left in 2021. What projects or initiatives are you taking to transform your business?

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