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Sticky Branding is a strategic branding and business development consultancy. We work with you to grow your brand and dramatically improve sales performance.

Make Your Brand Sticky

Branding isn’t about logos, taglines, and colors. Branding is about your relationship with your customers.

Do your customers think of your company first? Do they choose it first? Do they refer it first? Do they come back again and again?

If you think of any remarkable brand they all have one thing in common: customers choose them first. That’s what makes a brand sticky — the bond you form with your customers.

Sticky Branding works with you to develop and implement the strategies that make your brand sticky.

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It’s All About Sales



Increase brand awareness and generate more leads.



Accelerate your sales cycle and acquire customers faster.



Reduce price sensitivity and create competitive immunity for your brand.

Expertise Steeped in Research

Over the past decade, Jeremy Miller and the Sticky Branding team have researched how small and mid-sized companies stand out, drive sales, and grow their brands.

We have embarked in a comprehensive research study to uncover best practices, collect stories, and validate how companies grow Sticky Brands. Since 2005 we have interviewed and profiled hundreds of companies across dozens of industries.

CEOs and Business Owners

Sales and Marketing Professionals


Draw on our expertise and research to grow your brand, and develop branding and marketing strategies that deliver measurable results.

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