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Sticky Branding is a brand strategy consulting agency. We help your business stand out, attract customers, and grow into a remarkable brand!

Grow a Sticky Brand

Have you ever noticed how badly About Pages are written? They’re usually just a bunch of pretentious words about how great the company is and how smart their people are. That’s not us. Our business is simple: we help you grow your business into a Sticky Branding.

Create the brand you always dreamed of...

Ours Too

Your brand is a work in progress, and we want to help you every step of the way.

At Sticky Branding, we’ve been where you are. The tools and services we offer were created to fill the gaps we needed when developing our brands and our clients’ brands. We help you build your business and brand to the next level. 💪

This isn’t fluffy marketing or puffy “branding talk.” This is about sales. It’s about business, and growing a successful company, product, or service that your customers choose first!

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Three Principles Drive Our Business


Create a First Choice Advantage

Since our inception in 2011, Sticky Branding has been based on the belief that anyone can grow a Sticky Brand.

Branding isn’t about logos or taglines, branding is about the bond you form with your customers — a bond where they choose you first. When your customers know your brand, like it, and trust it, they will choose it first. That’s what it means to have a Sticky Brand, and that’s what we want you to find in our content, books, and services.


Build Your Brand From the Inside Out

Inside every organization is immense creative potential, but most of it goes untapped because we’re “too busy doing our jobs.” That’s a shame!

You are creative. Your team is creative. And that’s what we harness to grow your brand. Sticky Branding’s approach is driven on a model of employee co-creation — we’re in it together, working together to achieve your objectives.


Work With (Smart) People You Like

You’ll work with real people, who are really good at their jobs

Jeremy Miller


Jeremy Miller is the Founder of Sticky Branding. He’s the guy that will speak at your event or consult with your team. You work with him directly, every single time.

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Sarah Young 🦄


Sarah Young is a Brand Builder and Sticky Branding’s master of marketing. She creates marketing strategies that grows brand awareness moves the sales needle.

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