Accomplishments in a Bottle

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Personal Branding

Here is a simple team building idea for the New Year.

The problem with ambitious people is we always want more. We’re always chasing something new. And with the New Year around the corner, it’s exciting to focus on what’s ahead.

Don’t forget to look over your shoulder and acknowledge what you have already accomplished. Before your team launches into the New Year take a moment to pause and reflect:

  1. What did you and your team accomplish this year?
  2. What were the moments that made it a success?
  3. What were the little wins, as well as the big wins?

In the rush to achieve it’s easy to forget the stepping stones that make you successful. This year don’t let those little moments go unnoticed. Capture and celebrate them with “Accomplishments in a Bottle.”

It’s a Simple Activity

When you or a member of your team have an accomplishment, even a small one, log it on a piece of paper and stuff it in a bottle. At the end of the year have a party. Break open your bottle of accomplishments, and reminisce on all that you accomplished.

Step 1: Get a Bottle

You will need a glass bottle for this project. The ideal is something that’s big, clear, and attractive.

Find a bottle that you’d want to display in your office. My favorite is an empty bottle of scotch, but really any glass container can work. You could even use a decanter with a lid.

Step 2: Capture the Moments

On a small notepad, or on Post-It Notes, capture the moments.

Get your team to write down a “win” when it happens. It could be the launch of a new product or campaign. It could be bringing on a new customer. It could be hiring a new employee.

When something happens write a short note and stuff it in the bottle.

Step 3: Make a Routine

When things get busy it’s easy to forget to log your moments.

Make this project part of your team’s routine:

  • Add a section to your daily or weekly huddle to capture your team’s accomplishments. This will keep the project highly visible.
  • When you notice a member of your team making an accomplishment, encourage them to log it and place it in the bottle.
  • Celebrate your bottle as it fills up. It’s a visible reminder of what you’ve already done.

Step 4: Throw a Party

You and your teammates stuffed all those scraps of paper in a bottle for one reason: to have a party.

At the end of the year throw a party, and break open the bottle. Then over some drinks take turns reading out the scraps of paper and share stories.

The party is a blast. It’s filled with laughs, and it’s a great reminder for everyone of how far your team went in 12 months.

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