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Jul 3, 2014 | Personal Branding

It takes more than a dynamic CEO or Founder to grow a sticky brand. It takes a team.

Every company that grows a remarkable brand has a team of committed, ambitious people who are trying to make a dent in their industry. These are people who embody the brand, and relentlessly pursue a vision of what their company can be.

Branding is a team sport, and without the right team the brand may never live up to its potential.

Surround yourself with smart people

Brand Leaders are not only talented, they are talent magnets. They surround themselves with extremely smart people who bring in talents and expertise to compliment what they don’t have.

Surround yourself with the right people. Look at your talents and expertise, and consider what else the company needs. What’s missing? What does the business need to get to the next level? Who are the people who can fill those roles?

Choose wisely. Not only look for people who are smart and talented, look for people who share your drive and commitment to take the brand even further.

Three important roles

On your Brand Team, you are looking to fill three very important roles:

  • The Ideator: The brand needs someone who is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to innovate and challenge the status quo.
  • The Executor: The team needs a strong executor — someone who can take the ideas from the boardroom table, and get the organization focused on delivering them.
  • The Driver: An impatient, ambitious leader who challenges the team to constantly do more, and push themselves further than they thought they could.

One person can embody all three roles, but those people are rare. Usually we gravitate to one area of strength. For example, I tend to be the ideas guy. That’s where I’m most comfortable.

Where is your strength? What role do you gravitate towards? And who on your team can fill the other two roles?

Talent accelerates growth

When you work with people with the right talents it’s like stepping on the gas. It’s surprising how far and fast you can go.

But if talents are misaligned then performance is impaired. It’s like driving on bald tires. You just can’t get traction, because there’s always something holding you back no matter how hard you step on the gas.

Step on the gas. Surround yourself with a smart, driven and committed Brand Team. They’ll give you the traction to grow your brand further and faster than anything else.

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