Brand Naming

Create a name to be proud of! Brand New Name is a proven, step-by-step process to create an unforgettable brand name in two to four weeks.

Everything Starts With a Name


You need a name to start a business, create a product, launch a campaign, or share an idea. Choosing a brand name is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

A brilliant name defines your brand, and it can shape the future of your business. Brand New Name shows you how to name, or rename, anything. The process is simple and strategic. Anyone can do it!

3 Steps to Name Your Brand

1. Plan

Create a strategy. Define what it takes to make your name brilliant!


2. Sprint

Generate lots of potential names. The 5 Day Naming Sprint unlocks your creativity.


3. Select

Get it right! Tools and process to test and select the right name for your brand.

Sticky Branding provides everything you need to name your brand: tools, exercises, resources, and loads of inspiration. At the end of the process you will create a brand name you will be proud to own.

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Unlock the Creativity of Your Team

The power of Brand New Name is in the approach. The more people you have helping you name your brand, the more ideas you will generate. This increases the likelihood of finding a truly unforgettable name.

The ideal is to recruit three to ten participants to join a “Sprint Team.” This is the core group responsible for completing the 5-Day Naming Sprint. In addition, you can get your entire organization involved!

The process is really simple, and it’s fun. We gamify the sprint, create rewards, and engage your entire organization in the brand building process.

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Brand New Name is a graphically designed branding book that shows you how to name, or rename, anything. The entire naming process and exercises are there for you to use. The services above, automate the process and give you access to skilled naming experts that take you even further.

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Client Outcomes

We’ve gone through many naming processes, and they have always been a painful grind. Sticky Branding gave us a better way. The steps were actionable, and it was always clear on what we needed to do next. I never felt like we were stuck. I can’t say that about a prior naming process.

Jim Rowe, CEO, E3 Restaurant Group

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