Brand Naming is a decision that will shape the future of your business.

A brilliant name — whether it’s your company, products, or services — sets the stage for your brand. It helps you to connect with your customers, differentiate your brand from the competition, and convey meaning.

Sticky Branding will work with you to find a brand name that sticks. We help companies develop, test and implement new brand names.

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Brand Naming is important because we are positioning your brand. Think of your name like a label on a file folder in your customers’ minds. A great name makes your brand easy to remember, easy to understand, and easy to refer.

Sticky Branding will guide your organization through a proven Brand Naming Process:

360° Brand Assessment
A comprehensive review of your brand, positioning, competitive landscape, and aspirations. Concurrently we conduct a competitive review of brand names and naming conventions in your industry.

Brand Naming Workshop
A one day facilitated workshop to develop your brand strategy and positioning. The Brand Naming Workshop initiates the creative process, and provides us a framework to find the right Brand Names for your business.

Brand Name Development
Generating brilliant Brand Names is a creative process. We develop new names, word pairings, and invented words that will fit your brand and make it stand out.

Brand Identity Development
It’s hard to evaluate a Brand Name without a logo. We will develop sample logos for the short list of names. This aids in the evaluation process, and helps give context to the names we are considering.

Brand Name Evaluation
The right Brand Name will stick in your customers’ minds. We will test the shortlist of Brand Names on customers and centers of influence to gauge the stickiness and fit for your brand.

Trademark & URL Prescreening
We prescreen all Brand Names against the USPTO trademark database, Google, and GoDaddy. For global brands, the names are pre-screened against the CIPO, CTM, the WIPO Madrid Protocol, or other global trademark or specialty databases.

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