Challenge the Customer’s Comfort Zone

May 27, 2021 | Sales

Businesses should consider this when dealing with customers today, “challenge the customer’s comfort zone.”

Consider your own business for a minute: is it more beneficial to you for your customer to remain in her comfort zone? or to be pushed beyond their comfort zone?

Then consider your customer and the results you desire for him: is it more beneficial to your customers for them to remain in their comfort zone? or to push beyond their comfort zone?

Given the current state of the pandemic recovery, you probably spend more time placating potential customers than confronting their comfort zones.

You are trying to build bridges when burning them down may be the best strategy.

Your customers are, by nature, explorers. They’re seeking something. It might have started with a Google search. It might have been an interesting Facebook thread. It might have been a personal conversation over coffee. But they have sought out… something. They’re looking for transformation — even a tiny one.

They may not be able to identify their most pressing needs. They may not know what they’re looking for. But they have that nagging desire to learn more. And that’s where you come in.

Customers trust business owners that have something to teach. When you can give your customer a new way of seeing even the tiniest corner of their world, you are immediately trustworthy. But new ways of seeing don’t come from being comfortable, they come from confrontation.

Today’s most powerful sales people are challengers.

Here’s the problem: your customers are on to your “not gonna push ’em too hard” ways.
Your relationship building techniques – questions, conversations, endless webinars, etc… – aren’t mysterious anymore. People know you’re buttering them up. Sure, they’ll participate. Sure, they’ll engage. But are you really setting them up for a sale or allowing them more time to stew on the inevitable “no, thanks?”

The best salespeople are empathic, clued into needs, and sensitive to individual perspectives but, instead of following the customer’s lead, they take the reins and deliver an insight that moves the customer to action.

What do you know about your audience – their habits, their hurdles, their opportunities – that even they don’t know?

Here are some ideas for creating a challenging sales process:

1.  Coach your customers on how to buy.

2. Identify a core belief or operating principle that your customer has and challenge it.

3. Use your insight as an outsider or expert to demonstrate a new idea.

4. Bring in case studies that prove your position.

5. Customize to each person you’re talking with.

Your customers can see right through your efforts to build relationships with them – genuine as they might be.

Instead of trying to make the sale feel warm & fuzzy, allow your customers to trust in the fact that you’re confident & in control. Take the lead with new insights and fresh perspectives.

Will you accept the challenge?

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