Complete The Sale In The ‘Closing Room’

Dec 4, 2012 | Sales

Nordstrom’s sales associates are amazing closers. What makes them so effective is you don’t even realize you’re being sold to.

Over the weekend my wife and I travelled to Connecticut to visit family. I took the opportunity of being in the U.S. to visit the local Nordstrom, and do some shopping. I discovered a couple of weeks ago that I tore my overcoat last season, and it needed to be replaced.

Nordstrom’s sales people are renowned for their customer service, and that’s a big reason why I like to shop there. As I was fingering the coats, a sales associate, Peter, asked if he could be of assistance. We quickly isolated a few jackets to try on, and then he asked me to come to the ‘Closing Room’.

Please join me in the Closing Room

Ok, Peter didn’t actually call it the ‘Closing Room.’ Really he invited me to examine the coats in front of the 3-way mirror in a private fitting area off the main floor.

I call the fitting area the Closing Room, because I know at this point I’m going to buy something.

As I tried on the coats, Peter suggested I try on a sports jacket to help size the overcoats. Next thing I know I am wearing a jacket and an overcoat. Hmm, this outfit needs some pants. Pretty soon I’m decked out in a whole new outfit, and ready to hit the winter season.

The Closing Room creates an experience

Many products don’t sell themselves. As much as I love buying things online, there’s no way I’m buying a suit from a website. I need to try it on, see how it fits and get a professional opinion.

Nordstrom separates itself from many other fashion retailers by helping their customers experience the products. It’s one of the reasons I seek them out.

The Closing Room creates a little privacy while you focus on the selection process. You get to mix and match the clothes, receive purposeful advice and find things that really work. Rather than leaving their customers to their own devices and distractions, Nordstrom’s associates facilitate the buying process and help you find the products you want—as well as suggest products you may not have considered.

Create your Closing Room

My experience at Nordstrom has me reconsidering my sales process. It’s got me looking for my Closing Room.

Selling professional services is similar to fashion sales. You have to create an experience to help your customers experience the service, understand their needs and facilitate the buying process.

Many service providers use a Door Opener or a discovery project to help their customers try before they buy. But maybe there’s an opportunity to go a step further, and create a purposeful step in the sales process to help your clients try on the services as part of the buying process.

What do you think?

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