BonaVista Pools: Unforgettable Buying Experiences

Jul 23, 2013 | Brand Differentiation, Sticky Brands

The last two weeks have been a heat wave. Temperatures soared past 35°C (95°F), and jumping in the pool was the best way to escape the heat.

I bet every family that invested in a backyard pool was grateful for the investment last week. And that’s exactly how BonaVista Pools positions their services.

Jennifer Gannon shares with her clients, “There’s going to be a point when you hear the kids laughing in the backyard, and you’ll have forgotten what you spent. The money was worth it to create that moment.”

But here’s the rub. From a client’s perspective, it’s hard to know what you’re buying when you can’t see or touch the product ahead of time.

Paint a picture in your customer’s mind

BonaVista Pools builds custom concrete pools, spas, outdoor kitchens and water features. They are outdoor living specialists, and they create artscapes in their clients’ backyards.

A pool is so much more than a vessel that holds water. It becomes a part of your family. And this lifestyle aspect is where BonaVista invests a lot of time and attention.

They bring the buying experience to life by focusing on the future. They try to paint a picture in their clients’ minds of what it will be like to own a pool. And they achieve this with a variety of techniques:

  • Storytelling: Personal and client stories of how a pool is an integral part of the family.
  • Experiences: They demonstrate aspects of outdoor design and products in their retail showroom.
  • Visually: They showcase what’s possible with prior projects, and translate how these concepts could look and feel in the client’s space.

Make the intangible tangible

One of the ways BonaVista makes the intangible tangible is in their retail showroom.

The showroom is a clear differentiator for their company. The competitions’ showrooms look like garden centers. Customers can visit a warehouse to buy pool chemicals, sand, gravel, paving stones and other supplies.

BonaVista’s retail space focuses on the lifestyle equation. They created a showroom to help their clients see, touch and experience various aspects of an outdoor living space: lawn furniture, hot tubs, fire pits and fixtures.

They sweat the little details. A patio or wall display is made to spec so that a client can see what it’s really like. They work hard to demonstrate what is possible in your backyard.

The philosophy is to create a “Disney experience.” BonaVista tries to delight their customers with the buying experience, and show them all that’s possible. And in doing so they help their clients understand what a new pool will bring to their family.

Start with the ownership experience

BonaVista understands they aren’t selling construction services. Rather they are helping their clients improve their lifestyle.

The client doesn’t need to understand all the details of how they will get to the finished product. They need to know they’re working with a partner who shares the same vision and can bring the idea to reality.

And by understanding what the client wants and needs, you can shape an unforgettable buying experience.

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