Creating Content in a Vacuum

May 17, 2016 | Brand Messaging

Every week companies are creating content, and much of it is very good. They blog, podcast, and participate in social media. They create and they share, but does anyone care?

Creating content can be a lonely road. You put good stuff out into the world, but you don’t get a lot of feedback.

This thought hit me last week as I was listening to Inside PR, a weekly podcast with Joe Thornley, Martin Waxman, and Gini Dietrich. I listen to every episode, and I would miss the show if it disappeared tomorrow. But Joe, Gini, and Martin would never know that because I am silent.

I’ve never posted a review. I’ve never shared an episode on social media. I never talk about it. I happily consume the content in silence.

This behavior is not uncommon. In fact, 90% of internet users happily consume in silence.

The silence can be discouraging, because it’s hard to tell if you’re doing a good job. But keep at it. A strong digital brand is dependent on strong content.

Create For Yourself

The secret to great content is to create for yourself.

For example, the Sticky Branding blog is integral to my creative process. When I stop writing I get creatively constipated. Writing weekly keeps me regular. It helps me test and explore ideas, and it helps me make new connections.

That insight provides me the energy to move forward. Even when I’m not receiving feedback, I can find fulfillment in the next idea.

Why do you create? What fulfillment do you gain from creating content for your brand?

Share Your Appreciation

If you create content you know how lonely it can be. So pay it forward. Share your appreciation: post a review; acknowledge the brand or author in your network; send a thank you note. A simple acknowledgement will bring a smile to a creator’s face.

Joe Thornley summed it up best:

Gratitude Tweet by Joe Thornley

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