May 5, 2020

Crisis Marketing Webinar: Where to Find Opportunities During Covid-19

It’s spring and there are green shoots of new growth all around. The same is happening in the economy. We are starting to see some glimmers of hope and recovery as the economy slowly reopens after two months of lockdown.

But the world that’s reopening is different from the one we left. There is a clear line in 2020: before coronavirus and after. To come back after coronavirus is different, but that is the opportunity.

With change comes immense opportunities — especially for the bold and proactive companies. The companies that act first and adapt fastest during the coronavirus crisis have the advantage.

If this intrigues you, join me next Wednesday (May 13) at 12pm EST / 9am PST for a free webinar. I will show you how to spot the “Green Shoots” of new opportunity as the economy reopens. Save your seat.

Join Me for a Free Crisis Marketing Webinar

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 13 at 12pm EST (9am PST, 5pm GMT)

Title: Crisis Marketing: Where to Find Opportunities for Revenue and Growth During the Coronavirus Crisis

Host: Jeremy Miller (Me!)

Register: Save your seat.

Winston Churchill said, “Never waste a good crisis.” New customer needs are appearing, which is the opportunity for innovation and growth. After coronavirus, today’s needs can become tomorrow’s markets.

This is your opportunity to find the trends that can slingshot your business out of the crisis. See you at the webinar!

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