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Jun 9, 2020 | Crisis Marketing

After coronavirus, business strategy is fluid. The situation is evolving on a weekly basis, and there are so many unknowns and what ifs. But as the economy reopens we are seeing new opportunities for growth and innovation.

I am excited to introduce a brand new Crisis Marketing tool: Green Shoots Worksheet. It helps you adapt your value proposition and services to meet emerging customer needs.

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New customer needs are appearing, and many of today’s needs can become tomorrow’s markets.

Take curbside pickup. Six months ago it was a novel idea. After trying it due to social distancing restrictions, can you imagine having it taken away?

Green Shoots emerge in every crisis. Alibaba and other e-commerce giants rose during the 2002 to 2003 SARS pandemic in China. SARS convinced millions of people, afraid to go outside, to try shopping online. As a result, China embraced e-commerce a decade before the rest of the world.

Today we have zoom conferences; working from home; e-commerce; curbside pickup; and countless new trends are forming. But this goes well beyond shopping. There are Green Shoots in every sector.

Construction workers, for instance, have been walking off job sites because the porta-potties are unhygienic. To keep working, construction workers are expecting the facilities to be cleaned 3 to 5 times a day. Before coronavirus that might have happened once or twice a week.

Think of the ripple effect of that one new need: service companies have to hire more people; trucks wear out faster; they need new hoses, valves, and parts. From service to distribution to manufacturing — one need creates a cascade of opportunities!

To spot the Green Shoots in your industry look at your customers, competitors, and your business. What are the emerging needs, or Green Shoots, that you can serve? This may be your next growth market.

To start the journey download the Green Shoots Worksheet. It shows you how to adapt your value proposition and services to serve an emerging need.

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