Good Is Average and Average Isn’t Worth Sharing

Mar 10, 2015 | Sales

Word of mouth referrals are an essential source of new customers for a service based business.

A happy customer who sings your praise is worth her weight in gold.

But getting people to talk about your company takes more than doing a good job at a fair price. You’ve got to do something memorable for a customer to talk about your brand.

Last week Anna Farmery and I tackled a question of how to gain more referrals from your existing clients. Anna is the host of The Engaging Brand podcast, and we riffed on a few ideas.

Create Memorable Moments

One of my core messages is referral marketing is dependent on memorable moments. Any company can deliver good service, but that doesn’t get your customers talking about your business or referring it.

For example, Anna shared a story of how her mother recently purchased windows for her home. She was quoted £430, but when it came time to pay the bill the contractor informed her they were able to buy the materials for less and knocked £30 off the bill.

Anna’s mum was delighted, and has since told a dozen of her friends, family, and neighbors the story. The simple act elevated the service for Anna’s mum, and she’s out singing the firm’s praise.

Companies that stand out go above and beyond the call of duty. They operate at a higher standard by delighting their customers at strategic points in the purchasing cycle.

Three Pillars of Retention Marketing

To focus your retention marketing, Anna advises you look to three buckets:

  • Remind your customers they need you.
  • Reward your customers.
  • Personalize your service for each customer.

The tactics aren’t sophisticated. Be present and stay in touch with your customers. Demonstrate you appreciate their business with small acts of generosity. And create an experience that is unique to each customer.

This isn’t hard, but so many companies overlook the basics. It’s so easy to overlook a simple follow up call, or acknowledging that you appreciate your customers’ business.

You can create memorable moments by being brilliant at the basics.

Listen to the Podcast

Check out my interview with Anna.

It’s a 30 minute podcast, and we tackle the topic from the perspective of a listener’s question.

Do you have any other comments or advice on how to improve retention marketing?

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