Nobody likes to Dance Alone


Nobody Likes To Dance Alone: How to Grow a Social Media Community shows you how to grow a social media group and get your community dancing.

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Nobody Likes To Dance Alone: How To Grow A Social Media Community

Guide Overview


Growing a vibrant, engaged social media group is very valuable:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Engage your target markets
  3. Raise your profile

Nobody Likes To Dance Alone draws on Sticky Branding’s experience growing one of the largest branding groups on LinkedIn. In less than two years the Sticky Branding group grew from 0 to 22,000 members! (Today, the Sticky Branding group has over 45,000 members.)

Nobody Likes To Dance Alone: How to Grow a Social Media Community is a practical guide on how to grow your social media group past 1,000 members, and create a boundaryless social media community.

About the Author

Jeremy Miller is a brand strategist and bestselling author.

Over the past decade, Jeremy and the Sticky Branding team have profiled and interviewed hundreds of companies across dozens of industries to uncover how companies grow Sticky Brands. Jeremy shares his expertise as a writer, consultant, and keynote speaker. His blend of humor, stories, and actionable ideas will inspire you to innovate and grow your business and brand.

Let Us Show You The Sticky Branding Approach

In a series of short videos, discover Sticky Branding’s approach to branding and strategy. We’ll show you how to grow your business into a Sticky Brand, where customers are beating a path to your door.