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Apr 29, 2014 | Branding Strategies, Sticky Brands

Sticky brands are built on trust. Trust that when you give them a job they will not only do it well, they will do it “hassle free.”

This is the approach the Matcom Group has taken to stand out in a commoditized sector. They specialize in moving and installing industrial machinery and equipment.

Emma O’Dwyer, Vice President of Market Development at Matcom explains, “Our vision is to take the stress off you. Our clients’ core competency is not moving and installing machinery. Matcom provides a service that is hassle free, and requires no micromanagement. Our goal is to allow our clients to hand off a project to us, and trust us to do a great job.”

Differentiate in capabilities

The industrial services sector is fractured. There are moving companies, rigging and millwrights services, and a host of supporting providers.

This can be be problematic for companies, because they have to coordinate all the vendors when moving and installing equipment.

Matcom stands out by offering turnkey solutions. The idea is to manage all the capabilities their clients require:

  • Rigging, moving and installation of new machinery and equipment.
  • Custom fabrication of platforms and grating for the equipment.
  • Bring the equipment online with design and installation of piping and utility services.
  • Specialized machinery and equipment warehousing while a client is moving, building new facilities or in transition.
  • Machinery maintenance and service for older equipment.

“Matt, our founder, was a ‘Yes Man.’ His philosophy was always to discover what clients need, and then figure out how to service them better,” says Emma.

Centralized project management

It is accepted wisdom for companies to outsource non-core competencies, but effective outsourcing requires trust. You need to trust your service providers can manage the job without your oversight.

Matcom delivers trust with centralized project management. Every client has a project manager who oversees their account. The project managers are conduits of information, coordinate internal resources, and deliver accountability.

The centralization of project management is the keystone of Matcom’s service, and positions them from a commodity to an integrated function.

The client doesn’t have to maintain their own internal project management team to oversee the vendors, and can effectively outsource the function to one provider — a provider who is accountable and responsible for the success of the projects.

Emma explains, “Matcom has more project managers than any of our competitors. We have almost twenty full time project managers. Anybody else, even at our size, would have 10% of that. These people are really there to help you, and provide a high quality service.”

Focus on the client

Companies choose Matcom, because the service is “hassle free.”

Not all companies value this level of service, but the ones who do love it. There is a real value in reducing the time and resource constraints on your internal team, and delegating non-core competencies. It is liberating to know someone else will get the project done while you focus on satisfying your own clients.

It’s a matter of trust. A hassle free experience builds trust, and brings clients back again and again.

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