How Mindset Shapes Your Ability to Thrive During the Pandemic

by | May 12, 2020 | Crisis Marketing

A Warrior Mindset may be the biggest factor in determining who is thriving versus surviving during the pandemic.

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, I have been working closely with business owners in Crisis Marketing. Currently, the objective is to replace revenue taken by Covid-19, but we’re quickly pivoting to develop strategies to slingshot out of the crisis.

It’s incredibly important and rewarding work, especially when you see the carnage the lockdowns have created:

  • One of our clients is down 50% in sales. They are projecting a drop in revenue of $12 million in this calendar year. This is due to the collapse of the oil market.
  • Another client lost $9 million in revenue with the decline of the restaurant industry.
  • The most dramatic example is a client down 97% due to the collapse of the travel and event industry.

With all that’s happening, you’d think these companies would be in a state of panic. But they’re not. They are thriving!

It’s counterintuitive, but they have a “Warrior Mindset.”

These owners aren’t lying down. They’re punching back. They’re fighting. They’re innovating. They’re conquering obstacles, and finding a path forward. And at the end of this crisis, their businesses will be stronger than ever.

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When the lockdowns were announced in mid-March, I got fired up. In multiple meetings I proclaimed, “F this virus! This will be our best year ever!” (And it will.)

Sure, I was saying that with some bravado. And if I’m humble and transparent, I was afraid. But the sentiment was real: we were going to move fast; work harder than we ever had before; innovate and rise up; and be the partner our clients needed right now.

The same is true of each of the leadership teams that are thriving during this crisis.

Crisis Marketing - How companies are impacted by covid-19Companies are not being impacted equally by the lockdowns. Some are leading while others are bleeding.

If a company manufacturers hand sanitizer or personal protective equipment, they hit the jackpot. They’re obviously leading. Whereas companies in the restaurant, hospitality and travel sectors are bleeding.

The majority of companies are somewhere in the middle: from stable to slipping. It may not be a great year, but they’ll make it.

Regardless of where your company sits in the spectrum, how you climb the ladder is dependent on mindset.

Leaders with a Warrior’s Mindset will thrive. Even if their company is bleeding, they will climb out of the crisis.

The challenge is for everyone else: the “Other Mindset.”

Your amygdala is lit up. As a result of the crisis, your brain is giving you fight, flight, or freeze signals. A Warrior Mindset is to fight, whereas flight or freeze responses are the Other Mindset.

The leaders who are waiting, being overly cautious, or hoping things will go back to normal are at a disadvantage. The world isn’t going back to the pre-coronavirus way. We are charting a new path forward, and we’ve gotta fight for it.

The leaders who act first and adapt fastest have the advantage. They are the ones seeing the “Green Shoots” of opportunity as the economy reopens. They are the ones proactively selling and finding new markets, new products, and new value propositions. They are the ones reconfiguring their companies for the current reality.

Even if it’s scary, embrace your Warrior’s Mindset. Do whatever you have to: watch the movie 300; go for a run; fire yourself up; or simply declare that this virus cannot hold you down.

Rise up. Overcome the obstacles. Conquer the situation. Come out of this crisis stronger than ever!

What’s your mindset?

Join me tomorrow (Wednesday, May 13 at 12 pm EST / 9am PST) for the Crisis Marketing Webinar. We will be exploring mindset and how to find “Green Shoots” of opportunity as the economy reopens. Register today.

In a Crisis, Strategy Is Everything

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