How to Avoid a Coronavirus Marketing Fail

May 7, 2020 | Crisis Marketing

Coronavirus marketing fails are happening far too often. Retargeting ads for out-of-stock products and opportunistic messaging trail consumers daily on the web. It’s all preventable!

To avoid a coronavirus marketing fail, think long-term. How do you want your brand to be perceived at the end of the crisis?

Think “After Coronavirus”

Brands want to sell products and media outlets want to sell ads. But if these industries focus on short-term campaigns to boost revenue, they’ll make bad decisions.

For instance, when there is nothing you can do to stimulate demand in the short-term, you must put your time and effort into longer-term thinking.

The “North Star” goal for brands should revolve around how they want to be perceived after the pandemic is over.

Thinking long-term also means innovating to help consumers.

A good example of this is many travel companies waived cancellation fees, and extended loyalty program deadlines. This leads to greater customer loyalty for when life returns to normal.

Adjust Marketing Content for Now and For the Future

Not all consumers have an appetite for more coronavirus content. Many people are seeking out helpful or humorous advertising as a source of optimism.

Brands need to find new opportunities to put themselves in their buyers shoes with relatable, relevant, and helpful marketing content.

Your clients need your company more than ever. How can you be helpful to their current needs? Then look to the future. What will their needs be in 3, 6, or 9 months from? This can help frame the type of content and advertising you will want to produce.

We all need to position our brands for after the pandemic. Remember that what you put out there now will stick with you into the future.

Live in the Same World as Your Customers

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world, and made once familiar scenes for ads — for example, festival promotions — feel unsettling.

Brands need to bring today’s context to their ads. More people will respond if you acknowledge the situation. It makes people feel like your company is living in the same world they are.

Companies that jump in to solve real world problems can earn high praise from consumers.
You want your brand to be perceived as empathetic and focused on the greater good. Consumers are looking for businesses to step up and help, rather than just sitting back or conducting business as usual.

Sometimes, you can help by reminding clients that you are here for them and that you have key services that will help them now.

Not every brand’s products are helpful during a pandemic, so don’t push yourself on clients or prospects. All marketing should be authentic to your company’s purpose.

Need help avoiding a marketing fail during coronavirus? Check out our Crisis Marketing services.

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