How to Create Brand Messaging That Provokes Your Customers to Buy

Jul 9, 2021 | Brand Messaging

Do you want to learn how to create brand messaging that provokes your customers to buy?

I am working on a new course for Sticky Branding: Brand Messaging Sprint. In a two-week sprint, you will develop brand messaging that provokes your customers to buy, and prove that it works.

You will create a pitch that generates sales leads, gains executive access, and drives sales.

Is that something your business wants and needs? If so, complete a short survey. It takes 2-3 minutes.

What You’ll Achieve

This isn’t your average course. It’s about putting ideas into action.

Every step of the way I will be guiding you to develop, validate and implement your brand messaging. And you will generate sales results in the process.

You can’t avoid selling, actually. If you want to create brand messaging that sells, you need to sell. I’ll show you how!

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Burning Needs: Discover your customers’ “Burning Needs.” What will they create a budget for or act-on if you can provide the solution?
  • Offer Messaging Stack: Craft brand messaging that gains executive access (meetings with business owners and C-suite executives) and provokes them to act.
  • Prove it works: Using a Win / Loss Card, validate your brand messaging works. If your messaging doesn’t sell, you’ll learn how to adjust it.

Did I Spark Your Interest?

Take a few minutes to complete a short survey. I will follow up with you directly on next steps.

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