How to Grow a Sticky Brand

Sep 8, 2020 | Branding Strategies

There’s just three things you need to do to grow a Sticky Brand:

  • Clear brand messaging
  • Develop brand preference
  • Increase brand awareness

That’s it. Those are the three most important principles from my book Sticky Branding, and core to our work at Sticky Branding.

My interest in branding started with a very simple objective: How do I fill my sales funnel with an endless supply of leads?

Effective branding moves the sales needle. It makes your company more findable, referable, memorable, and desirable.

Here’s how…

Simple Clarity: Clear Brand Messaging

“What do you do?” It’s a simple question, but so many companies can’t answer it well.

They don’t know their value proposition or brand positioning so they overcompensate with big words and puffy language.

Simple, clear communication immediately differentiates your brand. It demonstrates your company is credible.

This is “Simple Clarity.” It’s the ability to describe your brand and what makes it unique in ten words or less.

This can be deceptively difficult, because clarity is not about the words it’s about making choices. By defining your brand strategy you will naturally clarify your brand messaging.

First Call Advantage: Develop Brand Preference

Creating a First Call Advantage is a powerful brand position. When your customers know your brand, like it, and trust it — they will call it first.

From a sales perspective this is a competitive advantage. If you satisfy your customers’ expectations and needs in the very first meeting they won’t call anyone else. You win the sale.

To create a First Call Advantage focus your marketing on both active and inactive buyers. I call this the 3% Rule.

At any given time, 3% of your market is buying, the rest are not.

3% RuleThe 3% Rule demonstrates that there are two modes of marketing:

  • Active Buyers in the Top 10%: Put your brand in the “path of search.” When someone is looking for your services or expertise make it easy for them to find you. You can achieve this with search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, or high degrees of brand awareness.
  • Inactive Buyers in the Lower 90%: Build relationships with prospects and customers who don’t have a need for your services, but will some day. This is the secret to creating a First Call Advantage.

By deliberately engaging inactive buyers in the Lower 90% you will create brand preference. Start building relationships upwards of three years before someone has a need for your services. This will create brand affinity and trust, which will accelerate the buying cycle when someone has a need.

You won’t have to educate them on your brand, because they’ll already know you, like you, and trust you.

Be Everywhere: Increase Brand Awareness

If you don’t blow your own horn, nobody will. Create the impression your brand is everywhere in your target markets.

To write Sticky Branding I profiled 150 small- to mid-sized companies from around the world. I wanted to understand how companies with a marketing budget, but not a vast one, grow remarkable brands.

One of the lessons from the research is there is no accident why some companies have better brands than others. The companies with the best brands are the best marketers.

They don’t necessarily have the biggest budgets, but they are deliberate and consistent, and they make marketing a core skill of the business.

Make your brand highly visible in your market. You won’t grow a Sticky Brand if you’re as quiet as a church mouse.

Anyone Can Grow a Sticky Brand

Any company of any size can grow a Sticky Brand. It’s a choice.

It’s a choice to stand out and be remarkable. It’s a choice to speak and communicate clearly. It’s a choice to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Those choices lead you back to the three principles. It’s in the work:

  • Clear brand messaging
  • Develop brand preference
  • Increase brand awareness

Turn Your Brand into the Ultimate Sales Machine

Learn how to grow a Sticky Brand. If you’re interested, call me (Jeremy Miller) directly at 416.479.4403, or check out our branding services.

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