How to Grow Your Business into a Sticky Brand

Aug 10, 2021 | Branding Strategies

Any business of any size can grow a Sticky Brand. The way you know you have one is your customers choose your brand first.

A “First Choice Advantage” is an incredibly valuable brand position. It means:

  • Instead of googling for solutions, customers call your brand first.
  • Instead of kicking the tires and evaluating several options in the market, customers only speak with you.
  • Instead of customers asking for discounts, they ask you how you can help them solve their problems.

If you think of any remarkable brand — Apple, Nike, Starbucks, or even your favorite restaurant — they all have that one thing in common: their customers choose them first.

But it’s bigger than that. They think of them first. They refer them first. And they come back again and again.

And they do that, not because they have the best prices or best features; they do that because they know the brand, they like it, and they trust it.

When your customers know your brand, like it and trust it — they will choose it first. That’s what it means to have a Sticky Brand.

The question, or really the challenge, is how? Everyone buys into the concept of creating a First Choice Advantage, but how to get there isn’t always obvious.

This is where branding (both as a profession and as a concept) has an identity crisis. Branding isn’t about logos, tag lines, websites or colors. Branding isn’t even about consistency and telling your story.

Branding is strategy:

  • Where will you play?
  • How will you win?
  • What infrastructure do you need to get there?

Branding is also about execution and leadership. All great brands are built by people — smart, ambitious, creative people. Innovation, delighting customers, and brand building are all achieved in the work!

When you bring strategy, execution and leadership together you have the opportunity to grow a Sticky Brand. And that’s what we do as Strategy Coaches at Sticky Branding.

On the Approach page of our website, I included 4 videos of the steps it takes to grow a Sticky Brand:

  • Strategy Execution: Branding without execution is just dreaming.
  • Position to Win: Who and where are the customers that will drive your next stage of growth?
  • Accelerate Growth: Get customers beating a path to your door.
  • Strategy Coaches: We’re in it together, working together to achieve your objectives.

Your business, like your strategy, is unique. Which is why you can grow a Sticky Brand. When your customers know your brand, like it and trust it — they will choose it first. And that’s something you can not only achieve, you can measure it in sales and revenue growth.

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