Jul 2, 2020

Is Sales and Marketing Changed Forever?

The sales industry has been hit with a huge shift due to travel ban’s and lockdown’s from the pandemic. From learning how to quickly close deals via video calls to engaging clients on social media platforms, sales and marketing teams are now getting ready for the post-COVID-19 world.

Sales teams have seen a few fundamental changes, including increased adoption of technology to reach out to customers and the old school direct selling of products or services.

A typical salesperson’s day in Calgary could involve meeting two to three prospective clients over coffee, lunch or dinner to discuss products or services. It takes another couple of meetings to close deals. Personal touch has always been important for clients before closing deals.

The pandemic has changed it since traveling has been nearly impossible due to the lockdown. The adoption of digital for customer access by the sales team has increased significantly. Customer behaviour has changed too.

This means that traditional sales strategies will have to be reworked, and teams will now have to leverage technology to engage with customers. Even after current restrictions around travel are lifted, the new model is more or less likely to stay.

Investing in digital marketing and looking at developing customer service platforms leveraging AI and automation is essential moving forward.

Travel is slowly coming back with strict safety measures and companies will do things differently. So, you might still travel, but not for the same purpose you did earlier.

This “new world” is forcing sales teams to be more efficient since measuring effectiveness of a campaign can be measured in virtual meetings unlike physical ones. With marketing campaigns moving virtual, companies will now have to come up with engaging content since customers now have the option to log off if they don’t find it interesting enough.

Many more deals are happening through video calls, and customers are more receptive even without face-to-face meetings. But where does this stop?

Looking for marketing strategy advice to slingshot out of the crisis? We’re here to help!

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