Less Strategy, More Execution

by | Feb 5, 2013 | Branding Strategies

“The best ideas not executed well and consistently will fail.” -David Aaker

Nothing beats execution. Think it, do it, ship it. If you don’t ship, then all the plans and strategies were dreams. Nothing more.

I was reminded of this lesson last week. I met an HR firm that was excited to “finally be clear about their purpose.” They’d been brainstorming and debating their purpose for the past six months. They’d brought in consultants, and conducted off site retreats.

I asked one question, “How are you going to demonstrate your purpose?”

They didn’t have an answer.

Keep creating while you dream

The firm was caught in a classic trap. They didn’t think they could act until they had a perfect plan. They were looking for absolute clarity so they didn’t make a mistake.

No one is born with perfect vision and purpose. The only way to find it is to live it and look for it.

To clarify your purpose and strategy, share your vision and expertise. Create content. You can write, produce videos, podcast, share photographs, host events, whatever makes sense. Make a point of sharing your ideas with as many people as you can.

By creating and sharing content about your mission, vision and values you will find your purpose that much faster. The act of creating content gives you greater insights, delivers qualitative feedback, and reinforces if you’re on the right path.

No one pays attention to a mission statement

It doesn’t matter what you say you are. It matters what you do.

My recommendation to the firm was straightforward. Put aside the vision and purpose documents for six months, and produce a content stream.

Their marketing mix is traditional, and like many firms, they lack a continuous content marketing program. I suggested they use their purpose to kickstart a content program. Instead of talking amongst themselves about their values, they can live them and share them with their market.

In six months time they can review their purpose documents again, and see if it aligns with their reality. It doesn’t require a big consulting bill to live your values.

Content builds relationships

  • What content can you create that demonstrates your purpose?
  • What content can you share week-after-week that brings value to your prospects, clients and centers of influence?
  • What content can you create that energizes you, and gives you greater clarity about your business and its purpose?

Content doesn’t have to be about search engine optimization and inbound marketing. Actually, it shouldn’t be about these tactics at all. Content is your tool to build relationships.

By creating great content you’ll develop strong relationships. At the same time, sharing great content will demonstrate your firm’s purpose and what makes it remarkable.

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