New eBook: Offer Messaging Stack

Aug 3, 2021 | Brand Messaging

I am willing to bet if you can meet the right people — the people who need your expertise and services — you can close the sale. The challenge is how do you get enough meetings with the right people to move the sales needle?

It starts with your pitch.

I am excited to announce the release of my latest ebook, Offer Messaging Stack.

The Offer Messaging Stack is a simple tool to create brand messaging that will provoke your customers to buy. It helps you break down your messaging into the fundamental building blocks of a pitch.

The Offer Messaging Stack is a tool we use all the time in our strategy coaching. Internally, we call it the OMS.

When you get your brand messaging right your customers will buy. More importantly, with the right pitch you can gain access to the right buyers with a message that sells.

Get your copy today. It’s free and incredibly powerful.

When you download the Offer Messaging Stack you’ll get a 7 minute instructional video on how to use the worksheet with a case study.

If you would like help creating brand messaging that sells, let’s schedule a call.

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