Mar 18, 2021

“New Normal” vs “Take Me Back” Marketing

Gone are the days where brands focus on sales and conversions. In 2021, everything is going to be about conversations, social issues, engagement, and information. Connecting with your audience using the “new normal” marketing communication is the way to go!

There are two marketing strategies that will engage your audience and grow your brand:

  • The “New Normal.” Talk to your market on the “new” new. We’re all experiencing a dramatic shift following the pandemic.
  • “Take Me Back.” We are all nostalgic for what we’ve lost.

People have everything at their fingertips, Including oodles of misinformation. And since the pandemic hit us, consumers are turning to their favorite brands for support as well as information now more than ever. 

People are looking to consume content that adds value to their time rather than mindlessly scrolling on platforms. Hence, brands are constantly on their toes to create value-adding story-driven content to engage with their audience.

“New Normal” Marketing

Marketing has become a two-way street. No longer can brands just simply shout at their audience and expect them to engage with their content. Simply launching content into the void that is the internet is not going to get any results.

People are becoming woke in terms of content consumption. They engage better with brands that stand up for a purpose and clearly communicate their values and ethics.

And how to make your communication more effective? By getting your brand game on and stepping up your social listening game. Make a habit of visiting platforms like Quora, where a plethora of small and niche communities can be discovered that’ll help you understand your target audience better.

Then leverage your understanding of your customers to provide meaningful and informative content for your audience.

It’s a challenge of relevance. Brands that can demonstrate that we’re here, we’re with you, we’re all in this together have the advantage. “New Normal” means truly embracing what’s new and having a conversations that matter with your market.

“Take Me Back” Marketing

Everyone feels that twinge of what has been lost in the past year: weddings; concerts; restaurants; trips; going to the office; and so much more.

Help bring your market back to what they’ve lost.

Nostalgia marketing is the way to communicate with your targeted audience so as to attach strong positive emotions and feelings to your brand. This type of marketing gives a sentimental boost and connects your brand with the customers’ positive memories from the past.

Why is this among the major social media trends? Well, because of the pandemic. People are looking to escape the harsh truths of the current reality and what better way to do so by remembering the good old days of 2019. Am I right?

The pandemic lockdowns might fade away as we can receive our vaccines, but the effects are going to haunt our reality for way too long.

Make your consumers feel good and they’ll associate that feeling with your brand.

Always Be Connecting

Regardless if your brand is forward looking (New Normal) or anchoring on the past (Take Me Back), it’s all driven on a simple idea, “always be connecting.”

Since most people are at home, living either in isolation or with a limited set of people, they are looking to connect with new people now more than ever.

People are utilizing different social media platforms and forums to connect using platforms like LinkedIn groups, Instagram groups, Facebook private groups, etc.

What brands need to do is try and create a safe space for their consumers to reach out, share their experiences, concerns, share their opinions, or seek out any information they want by using different platforms.

Create content that drives conversation and engagement, stand up for what you and your brand believe in, and most importantly, take part in conversations on different forums. Don’t stay silent where your audience and community members are expecting you to stand up.

Most of the brands have already created their community during the pandemic and will now be seeing the benefits of having a strong community in 2021. But it’s never too late for you to do the same!

Start with an angle — the “New Normal” or “Take Me Back” — and connect with your customers every day.

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