Nothing Relieves Pressure Like Sales [Video]

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Sales

My father taught me, “nothing relieves pressure like sales.” The message has stuck. Time and time again I have learned that most business problems are linked to a primary issue: not enough sales.

Employee turnover, culture issues, weak systems, too much discounting, wrong product mix, you name it—all these issues are exacerbated by poor sales performance. And when sales are good, all these issues seem to resolve themselves.

Always Be Connecting

In November I had the pleasure of delivering a short 5-minute talk at the Creative Collective in Toronto.

It was one of the coolest events I’ve been to. They brought together 16 speakers to share their perspectives on creativity, branding and business development. My talk built on the lesson my father taught me, and I shared my formula for consistently keeping the funnel full.

(Can’t see the video? View it here.)

What are you naturally drawn to?

I concluded the presentation by saying, “If you’re a great artist, make art. If you’re a great writer, write. If you’re a great speaker, speak. Whatever it is that you’re naturally drawn to is what makes you interesting.”

What are you drawn to? What can you do week after week that will help you build and scale your relationships so that you are never wanting of sales?

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