Oh 2021, What Marketing Trends Will You Bring?

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Crisis Marketing

A lot of people are trying to predict how the current pandemic will affect the future. One thing is for sure, for some it will change their life forever. For others, everything will go back to pretty much normal in the long run. Where do you land?

2021 isn’t a fully baked representation of what the future looks like. To say the least, it will be another interesting year.

Here are the trends I predict will continue, pop up, or take over as we navigate through 2021.

1. Are Influencers Going to be Relevant?

Will TikTok take over the world in 2021, or some other platform you haven’t even heard of? Your guess is as good as mine!

Big influencers will soon lose their grip on their followers because of their credibility issues. When influencers behave like an ad agency, people will stop distinguishing their content from normal paid posts and turn away.

Micro influencers, with small but still relevant reach, can maintain closer relationships with their followers and may be a better option for a brand than big Instagram divas.

Smaller social networks, or small groups in big networks, will have the same advantages. Advertisements will be more local, more targeted, closer to the people.

2. Have You Subscribed?!

A product often becomes a service nowadays, and a product’s price – monthly fee. Only packaging remains single-served.

There are reasons why companies prefer long-term paying customers. Company’s finances are more predictable, and their customers are tied more closely to the company.

On the other hand, the customer gets comfort and the illusion of choice. The thought of having access to over 4,000 movies is pleasant enough to justify a recurring fee.

3. Do You Shop As You Scroll?

Not long ago you would have to use cash to pay for a product. Now you can use credit cards stored in a web browser, or go with one of the many payment providers, or pay with virtual cards and even virtual currency.

At the same time, delivery methods are faster and more convenient. The most recent advancement to the shopping experience are shoppable posts. Introduced by Instagram, these posts or videos allow users to add products they see in social media straight to the checkout.

You see clothes you like on a post. You click on them, buy them with an attached payment method, and you are done. Anyone with a shopping addiction? 2021 will feed your habits, for better or worse!

5. Have You Heard About That New … ?!

At one point in time in 2020, 4 billion people around the world were under some kind of a lockdown order. That’s a truly global phenomenon of unprecedented proportion. World War II didn’t affect as many people. Wild times.

This gives all of us a chance to think how we are mutually entwined. For companies, that was the moment to think about new audiences.

So many people were stuck in their homes needing similar things. Did you think that only New Yorkers need food, toilet paper and PPE? What about everyone else? We are all in the same boat.

The conversations have shifted to covid, the impacts, predictions, and stories of survival. What will come out of that? Can’t wait to see!

6. Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

Did you buy something local for your Christmas gifts? Do you order food just to support your favorite restaurant, even if you have a fridge full of food?

Big brands could only wish for such loyalty.

The pandemic of distrust towards the mainstream information hasn’t left them much choice. The only way to get your trust will be to get close with you.

The week before 2020 started I posted on my instagram, “Can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for 2020!”. As for 2021, I’m proceeding with caution and suggesting you do the same. There will be many new outcomes and sad outcomes from the pandemic, but how do we stay relevant and helpful this year?

Let’s stay true to our brands, loyal to our clients, and on top of what our customers and prospects need now.

Need help building your 2021 sales and marketing strategy? We’re here to help!

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