Predictions For 2013: Life Continues

Dec 13, 2012 | Personal Branding

2013 is around the corner, and the annual prediction season is in full swing. Every time I turn on Google Reader or Facebook, I’m coming across a new set of predictions.

Predictions for the economy—oh no, the fiscal cliff. Predictions for consumer electronics—what will Apple do next? Predictions for publishing—the printed book is still relevant. Predictions for social media—something will be the next Facebook. Predictions for everything.

I’m already tired of these predictions. Unless Nostradamus has started blogging, I doubt anyone can accurately predict the future. But you can control your future.

Stay Focused

The prediction posts are a distraction. What are you striving for? What impact do you want to make in the New Year? This is your guide.

You will create your own success by being clear about what you want to achieve. And chances are what you want right now is what you’ll want on January 1st. You don’t have to wait for an anniversary to get excited about your goals.

Work Hard

The harder you work the luckier you get.

The more time and effort you put towards your goals, the more likely you’ll achieve them. This is not rocket science. We all know we have to work hard. The problem is hard work gets boring, tedious and well, hard, pretty quickly.

Take hard work to a new level. Focus on sustainable hard work. What can you do every single week to move your goals forward a little bit? Most New Year’s resolutions fail, because they’re not sustainable.

Have Fun

The best way to sustain hard work is to have fun with it.

Some activities will come naturally to you, and be obviously fun. And some activities you may have to teach yourself to like. For example, children do not enjoy the taste of alcohol. We have to acquire a taste for it. The same can be done with almost any activity.

Find an activity you have to do, but don’t enjoy. Break it down, pull it apart and figure out what you like about it. Do it purposefully and consistently for a few weeks, and you may just find there is something rewarding in that activity.

Everything that’s worth doing can be made fun.

Be of Value

Einstein said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

These are great words to live by. Success is a result. If you put your mind to it and help others, you’ll be guaranteed great results in 2013.

(Image: John Carleton)

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