Premature Price Conversations

Apr 9, 2019 | Sales

There’s a problem afflicting millions of salespeople every single year: Premature Price Conversations. Like the other premature affliction, it leaves both parties feeling underwhelmed, disappointed, and maybe even a little embarrassed.

It doesn’t have to happen. Premature Price Conversations are preventable. With a little self-awareness and some training any salesperson—or anyone responsible for selling a deal—can kick the affliction.

The first thing to acknowledge is price is not a feature. Unless you’re selling a commodity, price is not the reason why someone buys.

​​​Service providers aren’t selling products like grain, oil, and steel. They’re selling processes, expertise, and licenses. Price is definitely a factor for a client to select one brand over another, but it’s rarely the primary factor. Price comes second.

Selling on price should be avoided. When you focus on what makes your services unique and how you assist your clients, you automatically rise above Premature Price Conversations.

Talking about price is a fact of life, and you can’t avoid these conversations. Customers want to know what your services cost.

Avoiding the price conversation is as bad as having it too soon. When a customer asks for the price be direct and specific. Tell them. You don’t have to be shy about it. Your products cost what they cost.

Salespeople establish credibility by talking about price with authority. Your customers don’t want to dance around and play games. They want the facts, all of them. When asked for the price, share it.

To truly prevent Premature Price Conversations requires brand differentiation. Customers want to know what makes your products and services unique. If you can explain that clearly and concisely they’ll welcome having the price conversation with you. They’ll want to know how to get started. But there’s an order to things: Price comes second.

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