Simple Clarity: Clarity Differentiates Your Brand

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Brand Messaging

Simple Clarity is the ability to describe your business and what makes it unique in ten words or less. And it is the first principle of my book, Sticky Branding.

This is deceptively hard, especially for an innovative, growing company.

Innovation is the great disrupter of Simple Clarity

Innovation is the great disrupter of Simple Clarity. It wreaks havoc on marketing messages and brand positioning, because innovation at its very core is disruptive.

How do you simply and succinctly articulate your brand messaging and company story when it’s constantly changing?

This is the dilemma that many growing companies face. They are innovating. They are challenging the status quo. They are finding new and better ways to serve their customers. But packaging that story is a daunting challenge.

Focus on the facts

The challenge with innovation is it makes it harder to find the words that stick.

Simple Clarity is often easier for mature services and commodities to establish, because their industry has already been defined.

But you can’t grow a Sticky Brand by resting on your laurels. You’ve got to innovate, and you’ve got to find a way to share that story simply and succinctly.

Focus on the facts:

  1. What does your company do?
  2. How does it deliver value?
  3. Who does it serve?

Just deliver the basics: you are, you do, you serve.

Try to explain your innovations and what makes them unique as directly as possible. Avoid the desire to be creative or catchy. Just give the facts. Fluffing up your brand messaging waters down its impact.

Speak in the language of your customers

Positioning your brand when it’s innovating doesn’t have to be complex. Speak in the language of your customers.

Your customers may not be an expert in your field, but they are an expert in their own. Your customers approach problems from their perspective and experience. They have a way of talking about their business, their clients, and their services. Communicate with their words.

Take the time to understand the language your customers use and adapt it to your brand and how it’s innovating. Instead of finding a new way to describe your products and services, find established ways that people already understand.

The more you can communicate and educate your customers on their level, the more your brand will be perceived as the expert.

Confusion leads to indecision

Effective communication is essential to growing a Sticky Brand.

Strip away any jargon, phrases, or examples that don’t resonate with your customers. Simplify your brand messaging to the point where anyone can get it — where you have Simple Clarity.

Simple, clear communication immediately differentiates your brand. It demonstrates your company is not only innovative, it’s credible.

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