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Apr 27, 2021 | Slingshot Strategy

When the stakes are high, marketing strategy is essential. And that’s right now! The world is shifting from crisis to a comeback!

For some a comeback may feel distant. In Canada, where I am based, we are grappling with more lockdowns and surging cases. And India’s situation is dire. But for other areas, hope and recovery are emerging.

In March of 2020, Jeremy and I launched Crisis Marketing. The mission was clear: help companies recover the customers and revenue taken by Covid-19. The challenge remains the same, even today.

The stakes are high, real high. That’s where Sticky Branding comes in. We are Strategy Coaches with the process and tools you need to fill your sales funnel. Jeremy and I are committed to working with you and your team to come back out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

Marketing That Does Not Sell Is Not Working

How many times has your company got caught up in marketing tactics to build awareness, but failed to see the results:

  • Websites that don’t generate sales leads.
  • Social media campaigns that don’t engage prospects and customers.
  • Marketing dollars that go nowhere.

We’re all guilty of chasing marketing trends, but your marketing needs to work. If it is not moving the sales needle, that’s a major red flag!

I often hear Jeremy say, “We help you build marketing strategies that grow your brand and drive sales, now.”

Jeremy’s background is as a business owner and entrepreneur, versus design and advertising. If marketing isn’t performing it drives him nuts!

Marketing Is Harder, because the Rules Changed

Covid broke the marketing playbook. It used to be so simple:

  • Build a website;
  • Launch a social media campaign;
  • Hire a marketer; or
  • Buy more advertising.

Now, all the tactics and dollars that get thrown at marketing seem to produce fewer and fewer results.

Even in the comeback, buyers are uncertain. This affects marketing in three ways:

  • Smaller purchase, last minute. Customers are waiting as long as they can to make purchase decisions, and often they will buy the bare minimum.
  • Purchases Require Executive Access. Executives are sweating even the smallest purchase decisions.
  • “No new logos.” Zoom and virtual meetings are consuming relationship capital. It’s harder than ever to build relationships, and most revenue is coming from established relationships. Winning new customers (or adding new logos to your website) is harder than ever.

What we proved in Crisis Marketing was even in these difficult marketing conditions you can still move the sales needle. What evolved from this work is the “Slingshot Strategy.”

The Methodology to the Comeback

The Slingshot Strategy is a proven, step-by-step branding and marketing process to drive sales in three stages:

  1. Sales Accelerator: Create brand messaging that provokes your customers to buy.
  2. Marketing Accelerator: Develop marketing strategies to generate sales ready leads.
  3. Brand Accelerator: Position and differentiate your brand as the de facto leader in your category.

Working in 90 day sprints, you and your team plan and execute your marketing strategy to slingshot out of the crisis stronger than ever.

Are You In or Are You In?

Since our inception, Sticky Branding has operated on the belief that anyone can grow a Sticky Brand.

The pandemic pushed that even further. Branding took on a whole new gravitas. We weren’t just growing brands, we were saving jobs, creating jobs, and helping companies navigate one of the most challenging business climates we’ve ever faced.

So here’s my offer: Are you planning your brand’s comeback? Awesome. Book a demo to see the Slingshot Strategy and what it can do for your business.

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