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Jeremy is an inspirational keynote speaker. His blend of humor, stories, and actionable ideas will inspire you and your audience to innovate and grow a Sticky Brand.

He has engaged corporate audiences at BMO, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Sienna Senior Living, and at conferences and industry events. His passion comes out on stage — especially when he talks about how to stand out, engage customers, and build your brand from the inside out.

No two talks are alike. Jeremy crafts each presentation for the audience and event to make the ideas relevant, fun, and actionable.

“Cogent, inspiring nuggets of practical advice.”
Brad Myers, The Bauhub

Featured Topics

Sticky Branding: Create a First Choice Advantage

Do customers choose you first? When you have a Sticky Brand your customers think of you first. They refer you first. They choose you first. And they come back again and again. That relationship is what makes your brand sticky. In this keynote, Jeremy Miller will show you how to create a first choice advantage for your business.

Dealing With Disruption: How to Win When the Rules Keep Changing

Change matters, because there are winners and losers. In this interactive keynote, Jeremy Miller provides a framework on how to win when the rules keep changing. He shows you how successful people and companies are out innovating the competition, and what it takes to win right now.

Branding From The Inside Out

Sticky Brands are built by people — smart, ambitious, passionate people. Your company’s people, culture, and values are the glue that holds it together. Harness the power of your team, and build your brand from the inside out. In this keynote, Jeremy Miller shows you how to create a dynamic culture that engages your team and differentiates your brand.



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Jeremy’s presentation was a highlight of the day. He received the highest audience feedback of all our speakers.
Emma Ramos, Canadian Association of Family Enterprise











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