Sticky Branding Turns 10

Mar 2, 2021 | Sticky Branding Updates

It’s a little surreal. Sticky Branding turns 10 in March!

In our inaugural blog post I wrote, Sticky Branding is two things: a philosophy and a company.

It’s a philosophy: Sticky Branding is a vision and a goal to be your customers’ first call when they are ready to buy. Creating a first call advantage is easier said than done, but it’s a powerful brand position. Basically it means your brand stands out in your industry, it’s desirable, it fits your customers’ needs and expectations, and they make a conscientious choice to call you first. Why? Because your brand is the obvious choice.

Creating a Sticky Brand doesn’t just happen. You have to work at it, and make the choice to build one. That’s where Sticky Branding, the company, comes in.

It’s a company: We named Sticky Branding with purpose. Sticky Branding is a strategic branding firm. We work with companies to position, differentiate and express themselves so they can achieve a first call advantage with their customers. We provide expertise, ideas, tools and talent to make the philosophy become reality.

Ten years later, we are still true to these beliefs.

What I couldn’t see ten years ago was how we were going to carve out a niche in the branding space. Sticky Branding is branding for sales performance.

This is our roots, but it’s become so ingrained into our approach. I often tell clients, “If your brand doesn’t sell, it’s not working.”

It wasn’t until covid that we understood how truly important our approach was. The pandemic put Sticky Branding to the test.

Companies experienced revenue declines of 30% to 95%, but I am proud to share that all of our clients have returned to profitability and many have achieved remarkable sales results and growth.

“Branding for sales” means more to me now than ever before! This is why we get out of bed each morning and work with you to innovate and push what it really means to grow a Sticky Brand.

Ten years is a big milestone for us, but we only feel like we are just coming into our own now. I can’t wait to see what unfolds over the next decade.

Help me celebrate our 10 year anniversary: If you have a story or a way we’ve helped you over the years please send me a note or share it with us on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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