Cascadia Motivation

Sticky Branding helped Cascadia recover from a 80% drop in revenue during the pandemic. With lockdowns and closed borders, corporate events and travel were put on hold for two years. We created brand messaging that provoked customers to buy, even when they couldn’t travel.

Randy Thorsteinson

Randy Thorsteinson


“…With the variety of clients that Sticky Branding has, it allows us to learn of fresh ideas from a wide variety of industries.”

Business Challenge

Cascadia Motivation is a leading provider of loyalty rewards programs and incentive travel. They create and implement one-of-a-kind events — from concerts in front of the Egyptian pyramids to racing cars in Monaco to countless other destinations.

Cascadia experienced a sudden drop in revenue with the pandemic. Events and travel were put on hold for two years.

The challenge: build client relationships and sell for post-pandemic recovery and growth.

The Issues Faced

  • 80% drop in revenue due to pandemic travel restrictions
  • A commitment to not layoff employees
  • No idea when their core business would return
  • How to capture market share and grow client relationships

Customer Success

Most of Cascadia’s competitors cut deeply and layed off their staff. Cascadia did the opposite. They kept all of their staff, and even added headcount in strategic areas. They increased their sales and marketing to come out of the pandemic stronger than ever.

At the height of the pandemic, Cascadia provoked their customers to buy with a provocative sales campaign.

In 2021, Cascadia educated its customers about an “avalanche about to roll.” They said, “50% of destinations are already sold out for 2022, and 90% sold out for September to October, 2022 for large group bookings. You don’t want to lose another year.”

For the first time in the company’s history, customers booked for three years in advance securing a strong recovery.

Sticky Branding’s Role

Sticky Branding worked with the Cascadia team every step of the way. We created brand messaging and campaigns to provoke their customers to buy.

Randy Thorsteinson, COO of Cascadia Motivation said, “Working with Sticky Branding has been very successful. With the variety of clients that Sticky Branding has it allows us to learn of fresh ideas from a wide variety of industries. I have found that we have been able to take different elements of successful marketing programs, combine them and create a unique Cascadia Motivation take on it. It keeps us fresh, with a focused and successful message.”