Fruitland Manufacturing

Fruitland Manufacturing enlisted our help in pulling their business back from the brink of ruin during the 2020 pandemic. Using our proven strategy, we’ve set them up to adapt to the market and make a strong comeback. Continue reading for a detailed breakdown.

Chris White

Chris White

CEO, Fruitland Manufacturing

Chris White, CEO of Fruitland Manufacturing said, “We’ve seen opportunities open up to us that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”

Business Challenge

Chris White and Dawn Boden completed the acquisition of Fruitland Manufacturing — a 63 year old family business and the global leader of manufacturing mobile vacuum pumps — three months later the pandemic struck.

The Issues Faced

  • Rapid decline of core markets
  • Inability to travel and visit customers
  • 45 employees and families to protect
  • The drive and desire to turn a crisis into an opportunity

Customer Success

Fruitland grew back over 50% in 6 months while capturing market share. While the competition retreated and cut their marketing budgets, Fruitland expanded its sales and marketing. They positioned the brand as the most durable pumps in the industry with the slogan, “One Tough Pump.” Fruitland diversified the markets it served, and is growing back more profitable and sustainable.

Sticky Branding’s Role

“With a good broad understanding of marketing and especially in certain industries it’s been really helpful to steer us in the right direction so we don’t make bad marketing decisions.”

When the stakes are high, you’ve to act fast. People’s job can be on the line if you don’t close the revenue gap. Crisis Marketing is a strategic marketing program to rapidly generate sales and growth.

We help you develop and implement branding and marketing strategies to navigate into 2021.

-Chris White, CEO, Fruitland Manufacturing