Sticky Branding helped Learngistics recover from a 90% drop in revenue during the pandemic. We helped them find their market in the cyberspace by creating their very own program as a virtual classroom and rebranding from Last Minute Training.


Louis Trahan

Louis Trahan

CEO, Learngistics

“Working with Sticky Branding, we generated over $100,000 in new revenue in the first ten weeks.”

Business Challenge

Learngistics lost 90% of its revenue due to the pandemic. Louis Trahan, founder of Learngistics said, “We had a choice: fight or close. We chose to fight.”

Prior to the pandemic, Learngistics was a live event training company. Their core revenue came from delivering training, event spaces, and managing the logistics of learning events.

The Issues Faced

  • 90% drop in revenue in 2 weeks
  • A commitment to not layoff employees
  • No idea when their core business would return
  • How to develop new services for a virtual world

Customer Success

Learngistics is a remarkable company and success story. From crisis that would have cost most entrepreneurs to quit, Louis Trahan and his team reinvented their business.

Within seven months they were back to breakeven, and the company returned to profitability in ten months — all with services we did not deliver before the pandemic.

Today, Learngistics is pioneering a new category of training support services: Virtual Producers. Their team of bilingual virtual producers are supporting the delivery of thousands of hours of training a year across North America.

Sticky Branding’s Role

“For me, as an entrepreneur though, I think the key benefit that I derived from this was having someone else to speak to who had a system in place to test theory. We didn’t have a year to test our ideas, we had a few weeks. I just can’t see how we would have made it without Sticky Branding. It was a huge benefit to us. And we keep working with you because we keep seeing those same benefits over and over again.”

-Louis Trahan, CEO, Learngistics