Simard Suspension: The Best Sales Pitch

Jun 3, 2014 | Sticky Brands

The best sales pitch is delivered by your customers. There is no one who can convey value better than the people already working with your products.

David Tremblay, CEO of Simard Suspensions says, “The best argument to sell your products comes from your customers. You can build the best sales pitch that you can imagine, but let the customer talk about your products and it’s much more credible than anything else.”

A brand’s greatest advocates are always its customers. When you convert customers into fans they make selling so much easier.

Customers seek expertise first

Customers become fans when you offer products, services or expertise they can’t get anywhere else.

David explains, “When someone needs something special under the frame, we are the experts.” Simard Suspensions develops, manufactures and installs modified suspensions for heavy vehicles. They are the recognized market leader of AMS tandem, twin steer and tridem suspensions.

Their suspension systems are widely used in dump trucks, cement mixers and heavy equipment used in the Alberta oil sands. The suspensions allow trucks to considerably increase their payload while providing improved safety, maneuverability and stability.

Customers buy substance over flash — especially when safety is on the line. Fleet managers that are looking to innovate are drawn to Simard’s technology, expertise and engineering prowess.

When the results back up the expertise, customers will share their positive experiences with others.

The story sells itself

Simard Suspensions benefits from word of mouth marketing, because their customers talk to each other. David explains, “Fleet managers network and talk with each other. Even though they are competitors, they talk together and share stories.”

All industries face collective issues such as politics, regulations, or competitive forces. These are common issues, and competitors will often collaborate and share ideas on how to solve them.

Simard benefits from this dynamic. When they solve a problem for one customer the story spreads quickly through the industry. And as David says, “The story will always sell. If you have a good story it sells.”

The challenge is to start the story with the first customer. It takes finding the first client to deliver an innovative solution for. Once you have proven your brand, the story can take on a life of its own.

Connect your customers to each other

“Customer testimonials brought us to where we are today,” says David.

Happy customers attract more happy customers. Your customers are your greatest sales allies. No one can sell better than a happy customer. Make a point of leaning on your satisfied clients, and connect them with other prospects and customers.

Testimonials and customer success stories are of little value if no one else hears them. Give your stories that added push. Help your clients connect with each other so the stories can travel.

If you can get your customers to share their successes, they will deliver the greatest sales pitch you could ever ask for. Sales becomes so much easier when your customers are doing the heavy lifting for you.

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