When to Change Your Business Name: A-1 Rebrands to Rocketline

by | May 16, 2017 | Brand Naming

Changing a business name is a big decision, especially when it’s a thriving family business with 50 years of history. This was the situation for A-1 Shipping Supplies.

A-1 Shipping Supplies LogoFounded in 1966, A-1 Shipping Supplies is a rapidly growing distributor, but it faced a real challenge. The company had outgrown its name.

The name was problematic for two reasons:

  1. A-1 Shipping Supplies is a functional name that stated what the company did. The company has grown rapidly in recently years, and expanded its offering to serve a diverse client base in 5 distinct markets. Stating “shipping supplies” in the name created dissonance when selling food packaging or healthy and safety products.
  2. A-1 dated the brand. The business name was optimized for the Yellow Pages, but in 2017 the name looked cliche. It didn’t represent the unique positioning or culture of the company.

Both issues were leading to one universal problem: the name was slowing down sales. When a business name is affecting sales performance it’s got to go.

I am excited to share A-1’s new brand: Rocketline

Rocketline Brand Guidelines

Creating a Whimsical Brand

The vision for Rocketline was to create a whimsical brand.

A great business name positions the brand. It sets an expectation of what it’s like to work with the company.

Pep Boys LogoSticky Branding led A-1 through a naming process to reposition the brand. The inspiration for the new name was Pep Boys. It’s a whimsical brand with a human touch.

Rocketline is run by four brothers: Patrick, Alex, Peter, and John Malevris. They’ve created a dynamic company culture that emphasizes speed, customer service, and having fun. We wanted to find a name that encapsulated both their personality and their values.

In addition, we wanted to find a name that clearly differentiated the company from the competition. The competitors are primarily industrial companies with industrial names. Some are named after the founders, and others use invented words. Our goal was to choose a name that stood out in the industry like an orange tree in an evergreen forest.

Bringing the Brand to Life

Design and Develop breathed life into the Rocketline brand name. They took the brand strategy, and imagined how to visually convey the personality and style of the company.

Rocketline Brand Assets

One of Design and Develop’s key innovations is the “rocket man.” It’s a mascot that is used throughout the website, but it has immense potential.

As the brand evolves the rocket man can be incorporated into a variety of marketing assets and campaigns. It can become a symbol of how to identify the brand and what it represents.

Dealing with Domain Names

Domain names provide a real conundrum for selecting a business name. Most of the .com names are already registered. You may be able to buy the .com from a domain reseller, but often the price is cost prohibitive.

Rocketline found an excellent compromise. They chose GoGoRocketline.com. “Go Go Rocketline” fits the brand perfectly. It’s energetic and fun, and it makes the name even more memorable.

The Name Makes You Smile

A-1 Shipping Supplies to Rocketline is a big change, but it makes sense. The old name was becoming a sales liability. It didn’t reflect what the become had become, or where it was heading. The company needed a new identity.

Rocketline is a unique business name in a competitive landscape of sameness. It gets you to smile, and it demonstrates a company that wants to stand out. The Malevris brothers and their organization are proud of who they are, and they’re having a blast.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on the new Rocketline brand. You can contact me directly, or connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

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